25 Makeup Mistakes to avoid it during your Wedding Day

makeup mistakes

The wedding season is approaching, and if you are in this season, preparations and planning have already begun. Weddings are an important day that only happens once in a lifetime, so planning and preparing for an event is always great. If you are now a bride, your mind is very stressed. Bridal makeup and a perfect look are some of what you love the most. But sometimes makeup mistakes disappear when you are crazy about perfection.

25 Makeup mistakes to avoid it during your Wedding Day.

1) Proof of bank check

Additional fees may apply. But it helps a lot. Therefore, it is useful to do a makeup test in front of the bride. Plan your makeup routine at least three months before the wedding. By the way, if you don’t like the first process, you have a lot of time for the second. This will give you more time to try on makeup before the wedding.

You can try it for free by signing up for a free beauty program nearby. Hold on to such events in your area. Before the wedding season, many salons offer free wedding packages and other spa packages. It’s a great way to save money.

makeup mistakes
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2) Not ready to prepare makeup before training

If you want to go into the process, preparation is one of your mistakes. Determining the shape and hairstyle you need can be difficult when you go without a picture. Take a picture of your favorite hairstyle and makeup. Viewing photos is more effective than talking.

3) Follow beauty trends

Everywhere you talk, people talk about beauty trends, and no doubt people also love trends, but remember that wedding photography never ends. If you don’t have a current trend, show it your whole life. It helps keep your wedding makeup natural and normal. Choose something that emphasizes your true beauty.

4) Experience new happiness

The wedding day is not a new time and it is the perfect time to try on makeup styles. This is a big mistake you can make. Definitely avoid: If you try something new and feel dissatisfied with the results, you won’t have time to make big changes and make big mistakes. Choose bridal makeup that will make you feel comfortable and work well as it will give you perfect focus, so make sure you choose and taste.

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5) Change your normal skincare routine

If your skin is sensitive or prone to pimples, it is another mistake that you can suddenly change your normal beauty treatment. It should be avoided. Marriage is not a good time to start a new beauty routine – you don’t have enough time to heal. Live your life according to the laws of beauty. Also, make sure your skin is hydrated every morning and before bed.

6) Training session

When I chose to conclude the day before the wedding, I didn’t consider the healthiest option. If you want to sunbathe, do it gradually after a week until the big day comes. That’s what it looks like. Start your first tan in a lighter shade to help you decide if you want it or not. Then create an even shade for a better-tanned look.

7) Excessive tanning

Do not overdo the tan. Before marriage, many brides were seen using a tanning bed and exposing their bodies to the sun. Remember that your clothes will look good on your skin, and when you sunbathe, you won’t look shiny on a big day. That way you don’t exaggerate it.

makeup mistakes to avoid
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8) Don’t Go Spray Tanning

There are different types of tanning sprays on the market and many people prefer it, but this one looks very strange. From the facial area, as this leads to unusual darkness in the eyes and eyelids. Apply bronze to the face that matches the scalp to the body. In particular, the neck and chest area and the middle of the face should be illuminated.

9) Wax before marriage

Many people think it is normal to cultivate their bodies before the wedding day. Hand. It is time to cultivate the body and eyes at least 5 days before the wedding day to avoid mistakes and scars. If this is your first waxing, avoid one day before waxing.

10) Do not prepare the skin for a good day

Healthy and well-groomed skin is necessary for healthy makeup. The skin conditioner dissolves, strengthens the beautiful make-up, making it soft and fresh. Therefore, before this important day, everyone should look closely at your skin and be perfect.

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11) Makeup for a swollen body

On a big day, not only your face is visible. Other parts of the body need attention on this beautiful day. Therefore, chin makeup in itself is not fair. Your body also needs makeup. You need the right makeup for your back, neck, arms, and all visible parts to fit your face. If not here’s a new product just for you! Therefore, never give up body makeup.

12) A solid foundation

Many brides think that applying a large amount of foundation on their face will make them look brighter. They forget that for most of the day, your face finally reveals your face. The true mantra – the basis – is the key to a natural bright vision. Shows beautiful portraits of the bride in wedding photos. In addition, she no longer has thick makeup. Use only a good primer before applying the foundation. A good primer will help keep makeup for a long time and look perfect.

13) Going overboard with powder

Face powder helps lighten makeup, but if you use too much powder, you can reduce wrinkles under the eyes. To avoid this type, do not use too much powder, use a little powder to look smooth. Add makeup to make all makeup look beautiful and fresh.

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14) Cleaning the surface with a brush

If you need a smooth surface with even transparency, a brush is perfect. But the director of a famous beauty salon once said that if you are looking for universal, deep coverage, the best is a traditional makeup cream. If you sweat a lot on your wedding day և you have to feel disgusted all day, or if your makeup accidentally falls off, the conditioner applicator will cause another problem. So it is safe to walk as usual.

15) Use a foundation with SPF

Most creams today have SPF, which will give you a good everyday look. But the wedding day is the best time to follow the usual, unreasonable institution. The optional SPF base turns white when shooting with the flash. If you plan to install it outdoors, you can use a fire extinguisher. This way, the SPF is displayed on the screen, not in the background.

16) Do not spend enough time on makeup correction

It may be wrong to repeat makeup without treatment time. If your makeup dries at every step, it will last longer and will look natural and soft. Dry it after each make-up step so that the next step is perfect for your skin. Not only does it last longer, but it also makes your skin radiant and healthy.

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17) No need for waterproof makeup

You want to do makeup for your wedding all day. You always have waterproof mascara, but you know you can have a waterproof foundation. Cole was not embarrassed to draw, looking at the center of the event or his bones. Therefore, use a waterproof sole to use and another waterproof sole. There is no waterproof makeup that would cleanse the skin or tears from everything because it was a fun day.

18) Incorrect application of a brush

However, if you do not use it properly, your makeup can look dirty. Honestly, you don’t look like a sick clown today. Apply a natural reddish color on the cheek and mix with copper powder. Many tried to take him to the temple, but it was not right.

19) Apply gloss in the wrong position

Easy application is one of the most important components that can change or destroy your appearance. Improper use of strong backlight can ruin the entire scene. The blink of the eyelid shows the back of the bulb. So addiction does not lead to light. Pictures become boring. A light on Cupid’s lips or on the cheekbones, under the lashes, and strong light from the front of the head to the top of the lashes. This will help you to focus on your face according to the lights.

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20) Going for loud dramatic eyes

Wedding make-up is very difficult and difficult. Your lipstick will also turn black, so if you have very beautiful eyes, you will pay attention to all your wedding dresses. Your eyes show the most attention and cover the rest of that side. So look at your eyes with soft and glowing eye makeup. Smoke sources often cast shadows on photos and make you darker. Highlight under the eyelids to improve eye makeup and prevent dark shadows.

21) Too much lip gloss

Most of you now prefer lip gloss, so you definitely want to apply lip gloss on your wedding day. But what you’re missing is not a normal day, it’s your wedding day and most of your lipstick will be rubbed off. Choose a layer of a matte lipstick to protect it throughout the day. On the other hand, wedding photos with too much glossy lips lose their definition of the type of wedding and your lips will be as smooth as possible. Therefore, avoid applying lip gloss to the appearance.

22) Choose / Correct false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are a very popular beauty trend these days. If you have an allergic reaction, it is recommended that your eyelashes are enlarged two weeks before the wedding day to allow sufficient time for treatment. If you are also manufacturing artificial lashes, use individual lashes instead of lashes. Less eyelash glue / sticky glue is less likely to fall. So it feels natural and prevents tears. This “emotional day”

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23) Eyesight

Most brides ignore eyelashes which are most important among all people. Fine lashes improve their appearance on their own. Choose an eyelash color that matches your hair color and your skin tone. Dark shades can make you look unusual. For this reason, it is very important to apply makeup and eye makeup.

24) Forget your staff structure

Think about the participants who are with you throughout the day and if possible, take pictures with you. One of the mistakes that can be avoided is to leave the makeup and ignore it. You want them to look good. So they need the right makeup to take care of themselves.

makeup mistakes that make you look older
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25) As you can collect a lot of emergency kits

You can choose the right makeup at the highest level. But you have to save some time. Still, you don’t want to look chubby, wipe with a soft cloth and a cotton swab to get rid of that problem. Ingredients like talcum powder, lipstick, makeup spray, and eyelash glue.

Make sure you don’t make a big or big mistake on the big day. Here are some tips to help you avoid these mistakes and change the law. The list of common and limitless mistakes is above, so you know what to do.

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