5 Reference Websites in France

As American basketball fans in France, we are especially bummed. Following NBA news on a daily basis has never been easier than in 2022. In fact, many French-language media exist on the web, with different styles and tones. There is something for every taste! Of the dozens of websites surrounding NBA news, only a few stand out from the crowd.

usa basketball

Basketusa.com is the reference website for American basketball in France. It is also the oldest. It has been around since Minitel! Hour by hour, usa basketball Covers daily NBA news. All Orange Ball enthusiasts have inevitably added this to their favorite bar. To stay updated with the latest news, BUSA is the most complete and qualitative platform. Its team of editors is solid and complementary. His correspondents in the United States would gather information on the spot. He covers NBA games from the heart of the game, providing readers with his expert perspective on American basketball. Ultimately, the crème de la crème can be found on Baskets USA.

basketball season

For a long time, the Basket Sessions was the main competitor to Basket USA. Created in the early 2000s by a team of orange ball enthusiasts, Basketsession.com was a must back then. Which is not necessary today, even though the website still draws substantial traffic. For a while, BS made a name for himself with his platform. But especially his blogs of professional basketball players too! Former French international players including Ali Traore recounted their exploits there. This section no longer exists. Also discussion forum. But Basket Session still has many arguments to make in attracting visitors to your website. In parallel to the web, the leaders of the Basket Session have their own paper media. The bipedal reverse has been changed to a silent one. The quality of his paintings is remarkable. It makes reading enjoyable.

let’s talk about basketball

Parlons Basket is a platform that generates several million page views every month. His progress is meteoric. Every day, its team of six editors multiplies the publication of articles. But behind this phenomenal success, reprehensible practices are hidden. There is little respect for copyright in this media, use and manipulation of photos without authorization… problems with the law are expected. In addition, the quality of the materials sometimes leaves much to be desired. All the latest gossip is there. Parlons Basket is constantly on the lookout for more clicks. Most of the subjects of published articles are putative. The title is enticing, alluring the potential reader to click through to read the article and hence access the site. And this, while the content of the page brings little or no added value. This marketing tactic is unfortunately quite common these days. Of course, it works!

idle talk

Trash Talk stands out from the competition by adopting a humorous tone. His editorial line is very popular. Also present on YouTube, the founders of Trash Talk have many listeners. Trash Talk’s fan community numbers in the millions. His notoriety on social networks is incredible. Especially on Twitter, where his official account has over 325,000 followers. Its fantasy league, the famous TTFL, is a hit among NBA fans in France. Its marketing games and books have been wildly successful! Among them is “The Greatest Basketball Book of All Time”.


The reference daily sports newspaper in France regularly feeds its website with NBA news. The results of the previous night are discussed and commented upon. Portraits of NBA players or other players in the game are sometimes published. Also report. You can also occasionally read interviews. Curated by professional journalists, the content available on L’Equipe.fr is of excellent quality. French NBA fans will want even more.

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