After 10 Years, Jean-François Blouin Relinquishes Presidency of the Coaticuk Minor Baseball Association

baseball. After nearly ten years as president of the Coatlicue Minor Baseball Association, Jean-François Blouin is moving on to face new challenges in the baseball estry.

“Let’s just say I visited the little baseball park in Coaticuk enough. I wanted to get involved on another level,” he says.

The concerned headmasters give up their duties in the spirit of fulfillment of duty. Over time, he would work on a number of projects, including the new scoreboard at Lawrence Park, the change of uniforms to the Rockets’ colors, and the installation of removable mounds at some sites. “However what I am most proud of is keeping the cost of entries to a bare minimum. In ten years, I think it has remained largely the same price. I thought it was important to do so, especially in an environment like Coaticook’s. In addition, the increase in the number of registrations in recent years has had an impact.

Upon his arrival in the Baseball Astro organization, Mr. Blouin will assume the position of Vice President League and Regulations. “I am going there with a specific goal, which is to protect our young referees. We will not hide it, our officials are getting involved, being intimidated on several occasions. Should be fun for the U.S. as well. I think working on this issue will improve the fortunes of baseball in Astri.”

Even if he leaves his role within the Coaticuk Minor Baseball Association, the former president indicates he intends to keep an eye on activities in Coaticuk. “I look forward to being there again. I believe I am leaving an organization in good financial health and, above all, in good hands. There will always be a special place for me at Kotiku and the future is bright for this sport ,” he concluded.

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