After the departure of Paul Fouvel, a company was formed in Bergerac Périgord Football Club.

“Four to five investors” are already interested in taking a stake in the futuristic company, which needs €500,000 to start. These are entrepreneurs based in the department or even in the Gironde, but others from faraway places are not excluded. “We have already raised the 300,000 euros needed for the one-off launch of the SAS”, assures Christophe Fouvel, who estimates that construction could take effect in the spring of 2023, around March or April.

It is because management would be “more collegial” that Christophe Fouvel himself does not “appoint a successor to the current managing director”, whose “extraordinary work” he lauded. Furthermore, the leader, who would be a shareholder, does not necessarily preside over the company. With this SAS, the president wants to “anticipate the future” by obtaining the means and legal structures adapted to rise to the antechamber of Ligue 2. The one that should emerge after the reform of the championship and the tightening of the elite, ”announces the president.

a “healthy” club

For Christophe Fouvel, the moment is ideal because the BPFC is “healthy” and “solid”. To support his point, he can present an “exceptionally good” account for this season, which made it possible to generate a profit of 119,000 euros. A result that can be explained by the course, especially in the Coupe de France. “The amount will be reinvested in the club’s projects,” said Christophe Fouvel. These good figures will be offset by figures for 2022/2023 where the forecast shows a negative result of 50,000 euros. ,

The club’s 2022/2023 budget is 1.5 million euros

The club intends to pay 350,000 euros as part of the football plan, which should see the renovation of the Pont Roux site. The building permit was filed on October 28, with work expected to begin in January. “The investment is also human, as we maintain academic or professional positions, we are also training teams,” said Paul Fouvel. The club’s 2022/2023 budget is 1.5 million euros.

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