An ex-Eswell player has “nothing to give a fuck” about his departure for Russia

Thomas Hertel was crowned French champion alongside Aswell in 2021 before leaving for Real Madrid and then signing for Zenith Saint-Petersburg. (Photo by Olivier Chassignole / AFP)

Passed by Aswell during the 2021 season, his most successful in terms of points, French international Thomas Hertel on Monday hit out at those criticizing his choice to sign for Zenith Saint-Petersburg in Russia, noting that he was n’ ‘absolutely nothing to give a fuck”,

Just a few weeks after he signed on 21 September, like all the players of the French team selected for Euro basketball, an affidavit”indicating that he was not committed and was not considering signing with a Russian or Belarusian club“, as the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) reminded us, Thomas Hertel signed at Zenith Saint-Petersburg. On 2 October, French international leader Played his first minutes in the jersey of the Russian club for the 99 selections.

more selective with blues

A highly criticized decision, which also closed the doors of the France team for one year (August 25-September 10) from the World Cup-2023 in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines and two years from the Olympics-2024 in Paris. Since then, the leader hasn’t spoken on the topic of being passed by Aswell in 2021, a season during which he averaged his career-best points per game.

Message posted on the social network Instagram by Thomas Hertel.

In a message posted on the social network on Monday, 10 October, the 33-year-old player gave a befitting reply to those who criticized his choice on Monday. ,As you know, anyone who messages me or criticizes me for my decision to come to Russia or any decision in general, please know that I really don’t take shit., ,So don’t be a fool and stop wasting your time. And please, above all else, buy yourself a life!! Thanks in advance”The basketball player crowned champion of France in 2021 with Villeurbanne.

Another former Asvel related

Besides Hertel, two other French basketball players would not be selectable by the France team until the end of the war in Ukraine to sign in Russia. One of them, Livio Jean-Charles, who played 4 games with the Blues in his career, notably played with Aswell for eight seasons, from 2011 to 2016, in 2017, again from 2018 to 2020. In particular, he participated in two Esvel French champion titles. The other Frenchman blacklisted by the FFBB is Louis Labeyrie.

Livio Jean-Charles, who played eight seasons with Aswell during his career, is also affected by this ban on playing for the France team after signing for CSKA Moscow. (Photo by Jean-Francois Monier / AFP)

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