Baseball: 30 Years Ago, the Blue Jays Won the World Series

, The World Championship of professional baseball, which is the national sport of the United States, is no longer American. For the first time in 89 years of history, the Toronto Blue Jays accomplished this feat. ,

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On the show October 25, 1992 sunday, Journalist Claude Gervais reports on the Toronto Blue Jays’ historic World Series victory.

A young boy holds a Toronto Blue Jays flag in a cheering crowd.

On October 24, 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series.

Photo: Radio-Canada

On game night, 45,000 people gathered at Toronto’s Skydome to watch the game on giant screens. The fans never fail to storm the field shouting their joy to see their team defeat the Braves.

For Toronto, it is a sort of revenge on Atlanta which stole the 1996 Olympic Games when the host city was chosen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1989.

The Blue Jays are a cohesive team with star players such as veteran Dave Winfield and pitchers Juan Guzmán, Jack Morris and David Cone. The hits of Roberto Alomar, whose talents seem to know no bounds both in defense and in attack, follow one another incessantly.

If Blue Jays fever takes an exorbitant proportion, the pride of being Canadian cannot be surpassed. As the reporter noted, Canada is celebrated as much as the Blue Jays, and Blue Jay pennants sit alongside the Canadian flag and Yes,

The 1992 World Series Finals are played two days before the referendum vote on the Charlottetown Constitutional Agreement. Then some claim that patriotic fervor should lead to a rise in the yes camp. Nothing would happen and the motion to renew the Constitution of Canada would eventually be rejected by 56.68% of the votes cast.

The day after the victory, on October 26, 1992, the people of Toronto gathered in the streets to celebrate. At least 500,000 came to watch the parade.

On October 26, 1992, at tonight in ontarioCarol Lewis reports on the atmosphere prevailing in the metropolis.

Business people watch the parade from the windows of a Toronto office building.

Tonight in Ontario, October 26, 1992

Photo: Radio-Canada

Business people, hotel and restaurant employees all watch the parade. The city pauses to celebrate this historic victory.

In 1992, the mighty Blue Jays had a much higher salary than the Expos, $48 million against Montreal’s $18 million. It is then expected that World Series attendance will have an impact of 23 million.

The Toronto Blue Jays would repeat the feat the following year in 1993, winning the World Series.

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