Basketball: a furious derby between Fougeres and Vitre in the Coupe de France

The Justy-Specker room in Fougères was full for this derby between Fougères and Vitré.
Justy-Specker’s room in Fougères was full for this derby between Fougères and Vitré (© Republican Chronicle).

64th final of Coupe de France Basketball they argued Wednesday, September 21, de fougeres pays basketball (N2) received from his neighboraurora vitre (N1) In the Justice-Speaker Room.

Fougeras entered the match in full form with a 4–0 entry. Stung, Vitriens quickly returned to the game (4-4, 2). In Justi Specker’s Boiling Room, Mathieu Lemercier’s players look straight into their neighbors’ eyes Window (11-10, 7th).

galvanized by atmosphere, ferns Showed great personality on the field setting the tone of the match (18-11, 8th). Window Very Lively managed to take the score on the gong in the first quarter (18-18, 10th).

Antoni Belkesa, the top scorer of the first half with 10 points, continued to delight the large crowd this time. Wednesday, September 21 (21-22, 11th). Antoni Belkesa sent a long-range arrow that went ahead in the first quarter, before continuing to stun the visitors (36-32, 18th), something that Vitrians had in this match (26-25, 14th). Gained control.

Mathieu Lemercier’s players showed a very pretty face in this first period and returned to the locker room before the mark (42-38, at the break).

the temperatures are getting warmer

The second half started at a similar pace as the first, with Fougeres taking control of the match (50–46, 23rd). Both teams responded with blowouts for 3 points (53–49, 24th).

The match was becoming more and more tense as Kevin Bichard and vitrine Noah Burrell. Fougeres answered him in the best possible way midway through the game (56–51, 27th). As tempers rose, Captain Vincent Fandlet came to calm everyone down (60-64, 30th).

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Maxime Choplin scored 3 points early in the last quarter (62-64, 31st). In a fierce battle under the Fougeras circle, vitrine No. 12 Calvin Jubenot had the last word (65–70, 34th). The visitors took a 10-point lead, 6 minutes from time but a comfortable cushion without killing the match.

Vitre takes flight

Window took off and ferns Now didn’t seem able to lower the mark (65-77, 35th). after more than 30 minutes to compete with Window, ferns Left the match in the last quarter (65-78, 35th).

Mustafa N’Diye got the mark low without leaving the visitors in doubt (67-78, 36th). In a breathtaking end to the match, the tension remained on the floor until 5 minutes from the end of the match (67–80, 37th).

Vitre could have managed his end of the match better. Fougeras, they may have played a high quality match, but lethargy in the time of the final quarter may have gotten the better of Fougeras. Window won 72-85 against ferns To qualify for the 32nd final of the Coupe de France.

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