Basketball: Fougeres scared against Laval

Bichard and Fougères take over Laval
Bichard and Fougères take over Laval (© Republican Chronicle).

Fourth day of National Two Championship Basketball Happened saturday 1er october, de fougeres pays basketball receivedus laval To the Justi-Speaker.

Interesting start to the match ferns Who took control (5-0, 1). Eliot Frock’s blind pass to Maxime Choplin and Fougeras widened the gap (13-3, 4th). The Fougeras coach rotated his workforce at the end of the match to allow his players resources, Julian Scott took advantage (17-5, 6th). After Chik Soumaro’s exit, ferns caught in the racket level Stuck on the mark (20-13, 10th).

bichard show

A slight lack of realism affected both teams early in the second quarter, with only two short points in 3 minutes. Kevin Bichard returned and began to please the crowd by scoring in the racket (24–17, 15th). Soumarow’s return to position 5 bested Fougeras (28–16th).

On a very long range arrow, Bichard scored in front of the Copse of Fougeres (34-21, 17th) and rejoiced. This first point’s top scorer Kevin Bichard has already got 13 points on his counter, once again validating all the expectations surrounding him. level Lacked creativity and took advantage of free throws to stay in the game (40-28 at the break).

in front of the brake ferns They didn’t let up in the third quarter and kept their lead in the score (47-35, 25th). in pain, level came back into the game at the end of the quarter. The Laval residents pushed on a bit more to take the score 10 minutes from time (55-49, 30th) at the end of the third quarter. ferns Could not get the game back on track.

An explosion of Laval residents’ pride

As so often this evening, the solution came from Cheek Soumoro in the racket, giving the wind to his men (57-49, 31). Mayenne’s Roman Huger distilled the 3 points that came to quell the ardor of Fougeras (57-54, 32nd).

Under Lavalloises waves, Fougères was taking on water. Laval came back only 3 short points, Mathieu Lemercier timed out. Maxim Choplin, with his great experience, did not panic and calmed things down (59–54, 33rd). Fougeres could no longer do this and let the Laval residents come back in one unit (63–62, 37th).

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Chek Soumaro asked the public to push even harder at the end of the match, taking charge of his own racket (65-62, 38th). In a seething end to the game, Fougeres managed to resist Laval’s attacks, especially thanks to two free throws from Antoine Belkessa and Maxime Choplin at the very end of the game. de fougeres pays basketball won (70–66).

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