basketball. Lucas Lenoir: “We don’t need to have an inferiority complex”

The CS Bayeux team receives the ESC Traps in the Yvan Mainini Room this Saturday (8pm).
The CS Bayeux team receives the ESC Traps in the Yvan Mainini Room this Saturday (8pm). (© Renaissance)

news: Lucas, it’s been barely two months since your arrival at CS Bayeux and your scoring statistics are already very impressive. Are you satisfied with your integration into your new team?

Lucas Lenoir: I guess I know how to fit in easily, but this time the group was already living well. I just wanted to blend into the team. CS Bayeux is a family club with only nice people. i hope coach [Gilles Bailluet, ndlr] And the offices are satisfied with me. I’m always looking to improve myself. I try to give them what they wanted me to give them.

Since his victory, before the break, Barjouville is in fourth place in the CS Bayeux championship, in the SCL (62-88) …

Will put: From experience, I know that clubs don’t like to show their ambitions at the start of the season. There are a lot of factors that they don’t control, but like all of my teammates, I am a competitor who plays every game to win it. You see it in every training session. We should not have inferiority complex. We have good players and we are well trained. I don’t see why we should put up barriers.

At the end of this week, you will receive the ESC Traps. Do you expect a big game given your opponent’s third position?

Will put: We want to win all the matches we play at home because we know that our people will be behind us to support us. It’s up to us to get on the floor with a knife between our teeth, answer for attendance and not make a mistake that will be paid for in cash.

At the opening of the championship, you have already bowed out against the Levallois Sporting Club, which is presented by everyone as the big favorite of the championship…

Will put: I’m sure we can win, but it was the first game of the season. Levallois SC is a very good team with ten players cut to play for the top of the championship. I think there was a bit of pressure or anxiety from our side. We hadn’t tasted competition for a while and had to start all over again. We managed to limit the breakage. We will see how the second phase goes, but I am not making this team a monster.

Does this mean that the defeat to Avenir Saint-Pavin should be analyzed differently?

Will put: I regret the defeat at Avenir Saint-Pavin because we did not show our true face. Bodgan’s absence was undoubtedly felt by us [Jovanovic, bless√©, ndlr] And we were figuring out how to play without him. Facing the team in full enthusiasm, the defeat is heavy, but it is not in vain. Thanks to him, we realize our strengths and our weaknesses. It will serve us for the future.

Therefore, should the team face the potential of ESC Traps, should the Bayes response go through a powerful collective?

Will put: Our defeat or tough competition shows what we are missing. Everyone has to be there if we have to move forward and beat the big teams. Our response must be collective. If we want our individual talents to be able to express themselves fully, our foundation must be strong. To be successful in a season, you obviously need good individuals, but also a team that stays well.

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