Basketball, National 2: Fogares ends with a great party at home

After this last meeting at home, we celebrated the winners of the Coupe de France trophy.
After this last meeting at home, we celebrated the winners of the Coupe de France trophy. © E. Abreu’s Anthems

This Saturday, May 7th, it was party night at the Justice-Speaker Room. The Pays de Fougères basket really received Vanves on the last day at home of their National 2 championship.

But it was also an evening of reunion with their fans for the Blues brothers two weeks after winning the trophy in the Coupe de France.

choplin always

Fougères went into his match fully fit with a 7-0 entry. Stinged, the Northerners wasted no more time getting back in the game (9-4, 6th). VanVais hit 13-0 on Fougeres and passed in front of the score (15-19, 10th).

It seemed that Clevo had achieved all its success on 3 points (19-23, 13th). He even allowed himself to be chained to them (27–25, 16v.).

After being named the MVP of the final in Burcy (37-32), Choplin took the responsibility with confidence.

Fougères did not have control of this match but returned to the locker room in front of the mark (37–32). Not for nothing did Choplin author 15 scores in this first half.

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fourth in the standings

Fougeres made a great start to the third QT and maintained his lead (43-36, 23rd).

Mathieu Lemercier’s players increased the score through their captain N’Diye (47-36, 24th). The northerners responded with attacks from Brazil (53–48, 30th).

After this Maxence Clavo eyed 3 points (56-48th).

The end of the match was full of suspense, Vanves raised the score. The game ended in a tie at the end of the match. Fougeres won against Vanves and consolidated its fourth place in the standings (65–63).

Last match of the season: Saturday 14 May at US Maubeuge.

Pays de Fougères basketball coach, Mathieu Lemercier, will continue the adventure with his club for three seasons.

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