basketball. PNM: good performance of USBD Alençon

Christophe Le Royer was one of the key players in the victory at the end of the game.
Christophe Le Royer was one of the key players in the victory at the end of the game. ©Archive L’Orne Hebdo

One miracle: no. Feat One: Yes.

semantics of a claim that Latifah Renammen’s team strategistusbd elecon (Orn), illustrated. : “We will try to achieve the feat. ,

with four U20s

Saturday October 23, 2022, in Candy Box LouvreAt the start of the meeting against the undefeated leader, Bretteville-sur-Odon, the question was to know how many points the locals had to lose, rather than to assume victory.

“Modou Nadiye and Cow Esaka, the two main elements” and deprived of the count Four U20s in the squadThe prefectural formation was keeping a low profile.

Alas, four ten minutes later, it was a broad smile that lit up the prefectural strategist’s face: “We have achieved the feat. And who immediately provided the key to success as unexpectedly important.

We played with heart and guts tonight. The team was very united and very combative. Needless to say, but youth mixed with experience, no better marriage is possible.

Latifah Rennam, USBDA PNM Coach

youth appears

Only the face of the meeting can prove him right. It’s youth first, thanks to an award-winning shot theo le roir Which allowed Alençon to regain the lead (17-16, 11′).

A throw from the same Theo Le Royer raised the basket almost tied the knot (41-42, 32′). Good exit from the bench made possible comeback Batiste Perchet, Another U20, who queried four points in a row (34-42, 28′ then 38-42, 29′) to narrow the gap, but above all to keep hope alive.

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Especially moments before, it certainly seemed to have evaporated (28-40, 24′).

assurance of experience

As is often the case, in close encounters, the last asset is those with experience. And, in the last moments of the meeting, Alençon’s experience came to the fore.

Christophe Le Royer, Dominique Mpondo and Romain Lavedrine Was responsible for scoring Alençonais’ last five points to ensure his success (46-47, 37′ then 51-47, 40′), but faults for breaking the rhythm and taking rebounds to cut it all He was also responsible for suffering. Opposing offensive intent.

a strong defense

And, these were kept under the funnel by the dense and aggressive defense of the partners of Gabriel Jonot.

Tonight, it’s the defense that gets us the win. We haven’t had a lot of offensive success, but that’s tied to an excess of our defensive energy. As we increased in intensity, they got into trouble.

Latifah Rennam.

It’s far from a benign euphemism when we know that Calvados residents are the only ones registered five points in fifteen minutes (32-42, 25′ then 51-47, 40′). Reading the technical sheet also makes it possible to better understand this situation.

After losing a mid-week catch-up meeting at IFS (73-72) in incredible circumstances and where arbitration did not advertise basketball, the Ducal technician was satisfied.

I am very happy with my players. It was important to take this game. Today when I see what the players have achieved, I tell myself that as long as we are ready to continue with this first phase, we can achieve great things.

Latifah Rennam.

sports card

Alençon – Bretteville-sur-Odon: 51-47 (25-34)

(14-16, 11-18, 13-8, 13-5)

Alencon: Perchet 7, Levadrine 14, Jonot 10, Le Royer Th; 6, Dossou, Le Royer Chapter 3, Pecourt, Stimac, Mpondo 11. Ent. : Latifa Renam.

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