Basketball: Victor Vembanyama, future French NBA star

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Basketball: Victor Vembanyama, future French NBA star

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Journalist Samuel Olivier on set From 8 Here’s a look at current sports news Wednesday, October 19, with the return of the NBA, the American basketball league. opportunity to interest Victor vembanyamaFuture French star of the NBA.

The American basketball league, NBA, made its big return on the night of Tuesday 18 October to Wednesday 19 October. Journalist Samuel Olivier present on the set From 8 Hours, Let’s take a look at the French players playing in the league: “There are ten on the starting line this season. Therefore, they are not actually ten but seven + three, as seven are guaranteed by their contracts, the most famous of which are: Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert.

NBA is exported all over the world. The championship match in France will be held on January 19 at Bercy in Paris. The one French player likely to be talked about in the NBA for years to come: the winner vembanyama18 years old. “America is crazy about him. The NBA expects him until 2023 because of the doctrine of the draft.”Journalists tell. The draft is the system by which NBA recruits are placed on their teams. In this system, the last teams are likely to have the best players for the next season. “Everyone loves him so much that there are teams that are very seriously considering crashing his season to have a better chance of getting him back next season”Samuel Olivier explains.

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