Brooke Lopez on fire, Milwaukee sides with Cavs

We put away the saucepan, colander and spaghetti, Wednesday panzani gave us a dose of craziness and it’s already time to move on. To give you the main takeaway for those who didn’t see it, that’s the recap of the night!

night results

what to remember

  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is unstoppable: 42 points and one insane shot to win in Washington. But what is this year of sick SGA?
  • Tom Thibodeau can breathe (a little bit), the Knicks series has won its second consecutive road trip and it’s the Nuggets who paid the price. First win for players in the orange and blue jerseys in Denver…16 years!
  • No Luka Doncic = A Dallas team that is painful to watch. Loss at home against the Rockets, Lulu come back early.
  • The Bucks got the ball rolling with a clean win over the Cavs. Giannis unscrews the screw, Brooke Lopez and Jordan Navora at the helm, yes that sentence exists.
  • The Celtics took a trip to Atlanta. Even with the injuries, even with the trashtalk aperitif, Boston continues to win.
  • Dirty evening for the Hornets: a home loss against the Pacers and LaMelo Ball spraining his ankle. Never peace in North Carolina…
  • Kyle Lowry went to visit the Raptors but Toronto was not emotional at Scotiabank Arena. Over-dominant in the Rebels and carried by a fiery OG Anunoby, the Dinos silenced the Heat.
  • Back-to-back or not, the Pelicans are confident of their own strength. Third win in a row, this time against the Bulls, and to say that Zion Williamson is sitting on the sidelines is very wise.
  • Warriors are still allergic to traveling. 8th away game and 8th loss for the Dubs, beat them tonight in Phoenix.
  • Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns went undrafted in Orlando. Without Paolo Banchero up front it becomes easy immediately.

Top pick in TTFL: Stephen Curry

Top 10: Right here

some memories of the night


Permanent Eastern Conference November 17, 2022

Western Conference Standings November 17, 2022

Next Night’s Meetings:

  • 4 am: Blazers – Nets
  • 4 am: Kings-Spurs
  • 4:30 am: Clippers-Pistons

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