Easy Nail Art Ideas, A Complete Guide

nail art design ideas

The next trend in clothes, hair, and shoes is a manicure. It is becoming more and more popular day by day because it allows girls to enjoy the attraction to their nails. Manicure requires creative design using a variety of arts. Easy nail art ideas for beginners to help to make beautiful nails.

Many people may be interested in nail design. However, they may be concerned because they think nail design is a difficult task. Fortunately, this requires patience and practice. However, this is not as difficult as most people think. Here are some simple artistic plans I recommend starting before moving on to more intricate nail designs.

easy nail art ideas
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Easy nail design for beginners:

Different colors:

This is the easiest method with little effort. Use a different color for each finger and forefinger.

Use the polishing effect.

The secrets of creating various effects such as crack effect, magnetic effect, step effect, and color change will be revealed to you. You can see that the shape of your nail changes very quickly.

Water glue / Nail set / Nail glue

You can also choose ready-to-use nail designs, such as water stickers, nail stickers, and nail stickers. You can get easy-to-follow instructions for beginners.

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Striped nail design

The ribbons make the nails attractive. You can scratch or create streaks with a fine brush.

Soft manicure

The seams are stylish and simple. You can make flower patterns using nail dots. This is probably the first and easiest step to creating a template-free nail design.

Animal footprint

You can easily create animal, leopard and zebra prints and magical claws.

nail art ideas easy
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Heart shaped dots

It may not be Valentine’s Day, but this design is perfect at any time of year. Pink is always beautiful in all seasons. To do this, paint all your nails pink and remove the rings. You need to whiten your fingers and then use a toothpick to make heart-shaped spots. Create points with different shades of pink, and finally create a surface layer to complete the design.

Rhinestone nails

You can easily shine on your nails and this granite is perfect for parties.

Knitted nails:

The fishtail braid is easy to make, and if you have a little patience, you’re right. You will need three different colored overlapping nails. Each layer should be dried and ready.

nail art ideas Christmas
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Chocolate nails

This is a very simple design. You just need decorations like nail polish, chocolate, and hearts. (You may have a broken hairpin on your hand.) Fix it with nail polish and apply shiny nails to your thumb and pink fingers.

Crescent colored rhinestones

Hilal Kyo ribbons are always elegant. In this case, blacken the nails, then add a different color of granite to the edge of the cuticle and coat quickly.

Shiny gradient tips

Try using gradient shades for a new look. Blacken your nails and give the sponge a shiny fuchsia. After drying, apply a top coat.

nail art ideas for fall
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Manicure with a few drops of water

Use purple to get that look and paint when you cover it. Before using the toothpick, dry your nails so that the nail polish stain is evenly on one side.

Ascending slope:

It looks very simple and stylish. You can also use a dry nail polish mixed with a glossy eyeshadow or a clean nail polish.

Digital nail art ideas

This design will look good if done correctly. First, whiten and dry your nails. Next, draw a black line with a black pencil and fill in some areas with more colors, leaving some white areas. You may need to draw black lines to get a better shape. Immediately after drying, apply a dry top layer.

Stir the needle mixture

The mixing of the nails gives a very modern and stunning look. This is done with yellow in the middle and on the thumb, black dots on the black marker, white and black lines in pink, and glitter toner on the market. When the varnish is ready, apply the top layer.

fall nail art ideas
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Nail feathers

Having real nails on your fingernails is fashionable. Paint your nails and apply the paint on your colored nails until they are wet. Give me time to calm down. Then cut the soap on the nail and finally apply the top layer.

Chain and pin

To get these nails, you need to paint them in two colors and then add chains and pins. There are also animal prints on the detector and pink finger.

Glossy nails with dark edges

You can do this by painting your nails with glossy varnish and adding a thin, dark edge. Finally, cover the nail with a coat.

Trace of pin inclination

To get this pattern, create a gradient with all the colors on all the nails, mark the design you are interested in and mark the top layer as finished.

I illuminate with black nails

It will be great if you sleep. A special manicure that shines in the dark.

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