Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

easy nail designs for short nails

I have always been fascinated by people who can regularly shake their very long nails. But for my lifestyle, short nails are much more practical and less likely to break. But short nails do not mean boring and boring! Here are three DIY lightweight designs for short nails. Before you start If you want your nail polish to shine, you need to take care of your nails. If you want your nails to look beautiful, you’ll need to give your cuticle love and shape it properly. Start using cuticle oil and gently push down the cuticle with an orange wooden stick. This article will help you with easy nail designs for short nails.

cute easy nail designs
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It makes your nails much more beautiful and helps you keep your nail polish longer. Short or long nails look best when shaped like a glass file. You do not have to do anything special-squares and ovals are suitable for small nails. Make sure they are all the same length so you can see the cuticles and not the wavy nails. The three-light nail designs on the short nails below should be applied over a base coat that suits your needs. This will help avoid dirt and keep your nail polish long. So it’s time to explore the little ideas of nail manicure so that all the giveaways stay out of the way! Classic: French manicure is timeless and keeps your fingers long.

It is also suitable for offices in most corporate environments. A natural nail with white lacquer tips. Some people prefer to apply white polish directly on a clear substrate, while others use nude manicure on their entire nails. In this regard, Essy Ballet shoes are very popular. Where you start the white area, there is a French manicure sticker that you can easily attach under the free edge of your nails. Makes it very light as well as white! Or if you want to venture, replace white with neon or black with contrast.

easy nail design for short nails
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Don’t forget to choose a shiny topcoat to take your French manicure to the next level! Geometric molding If more dynamic than French manicure, nail stamping is a good way to start with nail art. Printing means using a template to transfer a design from a metal plate press to a nail. And it’s so much fun! Geometric stamping is perfect for small nails as there may not be enough space for cute patterns or other non-repeating designs. But use it to see what you like! The perfect combination for small nails is a gold stamp on a blue background, silver on a black or red background, and a shiny silver or gold glitter on a bare shiny base.

easy nail designs
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You’ll need some material here, but it’s not very expensive. Nail stamp kits typically include one or more stamp labels, templates, and scrapers (or you can use your old credit card). It may take some practice to figure out how to completely remove the pattern from the tree and close the nail, but the results are worth the limousine. Alternative recommendations This type of design combines the popular trend of negative spaces with colorful nail polish. Choose between two free colors such as red and gold, black and silver, or two different skins of the same color.

nail designs for short nails
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For example, you can replace the optional tip with a boring tip. Leave the bottom half of the nails clear, but leave the base coat clear and, if desired, paint the edges in each of the two colors you choose. It’s quick and easy, but it makes your nails look longer and longer. Remember to protect your manicure with a long-lasting topcoat. A quick-drying finish is perfect for nail art as it reduces the risk of losing hard work.

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