Football: a Girondin will play an important role in the World Cup in Qatar

November 17, 2022

Estelle Valenzuela is currently in Doha to manage a team of translators during the World Cup. Girondine, also a singer, takes her role to heart, away from controversy.

The French team of former Girondins Didier Deschamps, Aurélien Tchoumeny and Jules Cunde keep feet in Doha in Qatar, Oh! That is the matter ! will be held there The much criticized Football World Cup from 20 November to 18 December, The Blues will defend their title there, but 21 other nations, including Agenis Aymeric Laporte’s Spain, are seeking to lift the coveted trophy.

but this global does more than argue on all fronts. Ecology, human rights, attribution… Never before has a competition drawn such strong criticism. , When you’re popular, you get the other side of the coin » calms Estelle Valenzuela which clearly adds , for understanding » All these reviews,

leading a team of artists

Girondins, away from all controversy, have a role to play in this World Cup, exceptionally shifted from summer to late autumn. So no, it won’t be on the pitch but behind the scenes from then on Manages an entire team of interpreters for a month, unlike DD his team has 36 people, , It will be a compilation of strong emotions in many languages He says who is also a singer and who is about to release a new album in multiple languages ​​in early 2023. comfortable with The maiden of Gradignon talks about the four : German, Spanish, English and of course French.

But even during this World Cup it is no less of about fifteen languages ​​that will echo in the stadiums or in the training centers, , We manage everything related to pre and post match press conferences Estelle, lists some languages: Serbo-Croatian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, German, Danish, Japanese or even Persian thus controlled by the Girondins and its teams in addition to Arabic. Which is actively present during this month. in Qatar in November.

Planned by FIFA Estelle Valenzuela considers living an experience Incredible , Since his first World Cup in 2006 in Germany. Four years ago, already in controversy, gradignanaise has fully secured its profession in Russia, There, he would have seen France win its second star. , i have incredible memoriesshe says. We are part of the biggest sporting event in the world! every minute is different ,

Arrived in Qatar a few days ago, Estelle is finally leaving Get to the bottom of the matter after four years of preparation, , I do my job with passion, I’m passionate about everything » launches translator oh so precious role,

if she confesses not to be a football technician “She follows all the news on goal ball. Now based in Switzerland, It is in fact the country of her birth that she wants to promote sustainably during this autumn, The fight for the tricolor will begin against Australia on Tuesday evening. The opening ceremony of this 22nd edition will take place on Sunday and the first match between Qatar and Ecuador is scheduled at 5:00 PM.

[Jérôme Martin-Castéra – photo : Estelle Valensuela]

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