Football (F): The Entente Sportive Sans Saint-Fusion made a successful football debut at the age of 11

ESSSF played its first match last Sunday in Sans-en-Aminois against Grandvilliers. And he imposed himself, signing off on a promising start.

, I have a team that wanted to be more competitive, who wanted to win matches with a good mindset. 8 o’clock it’s different, it’s more fun “They say margaux lochettethe coach ES Sans Saint-Fusion, Different, really. For most players, 11-a-side football is new. And what is called innovation, is called adaptation. Let’s start with the preparation, which according to the coach is more thorough: ” we have started end of July, I set this game task with the girls at 11 o’clock heavy physical laborWhen you go from 8-a-side football to 11-a-side football, you run a lot. Then we set up a game system and girls able to adapt well, ,

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Margaux Lauchet is happy and proud to lend her experience to this team.

l’aminoise immediately joined the project and became fully involved: ” I started football in Saint-Fusion when I was young. Then again, I played five years for the Portuguese in Amiens in R1, so I know the high level. i saw that there were incredible qualities in this group. the president is there and he follows us everywhere it’s something urgent For ladies. be a group welded Pushed me and I got on well with all the girls. It is not easy to be friends outside and coaching on the field but we manage to separate the two And it’s going great. i have this pleasure to transmit And I’m glad I managed to do it. ,

Against the big teams of the championship, the first meeting ended in two defeats, without relegation, Beauvais And compiègne, won on the field after gouvix and achieved another success last Sunday against home grandvilliers, , We have had a very good start to the season. Still a lot of things to review, but we start with two big games with two strong opponents, it’s good to learn, We do great work. We won last weekend in Gouvaix and we’re coming in with another win so it’s a good feeling […] they put in all the ingredients to succeed “, adds up Samaritan Coach,

players on the side of the field healthy saint-fussin largely dominated the first period, created many chances – most of them on the right flank – materialized twice. Blue lead logically 2-0 on break. , we have the first half more than perfect, we achieve great things, We move quickly, we create a lot of chances and we waste them. At halftime, I tell them to score the third goal, because it’s the most important “, assures margaux lochette, The instructions were respected, as the locals score as soon as they return from the locker room. The second period is more complicated, grandvilliers Gets up and takes up the game, but doesn’t register only one target,

for their first home game, so ESSSF wins 3-1, A great win according to the Samaritan technician: ” They fought for each other, that was my speech before the game as well. We go with the win, for what I deserve. We have prepared a wonderful game. I congratulate them because overall his game was great “. The goal is to end thirdbehind Beauvais and Compiègne, in mid-season and ” do the best in the cut.

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The ESSSF players got many chances down the right due to their speed.

a premature infection

Initially, the club wanted to take more time to form an 11-a-side football team. it was a little bit because of a New Rules that was developed Understand thierry leverellPresident of ESSSF. we were the only club in the somme Having two 8-a-side football teams is a rule which mandates that a club must no longer field two 8-a-side football teams. We were thrown into football at 11 o’clock when we wanted to have more time than that, we wanted to be together, It doesn’t set up so easily, women’s football! In our club, when we do something we want strongand there we were a little upset “, he confirms. In the end, this transition is successful.

, We had a meeting at the beginning of the season, it has been validated, football at 11 was an achievement for us but it was a bit premature, There are a dozen girls who said to themselves “Come on, let’s start! Slowly, they infected others. We still have this maintained a team of 8 For this formula to motivate girls the most, as it is also interesting for the development of women’s football, it is not just 11-a-side football. football must exist at 8 o’clock “explains the club’s president. A big step forward for the ESSSF, which has been developing women’s football for six years. This year the section has 25 licensees and the Entente wants to expand its workforce to cater for two teams .

thierry leverell Monitors his teams closely in all good atmosphere:” it’s one of our strengths, whatever the level of the team. This is what gives stability to the club, there is no draft. People stay at the club for many years, it is a family affair. It is very well stable., All the constraints are analyzed and decided during the internal meetings. For example the question of travel. in their championship ESSSF Sometimes it takes more than an hour to travel. , I resolved to support them financially. tolls, travel times are supported by the clubsubject to carpooling, otherwise girls take care of themselves “, concluded the president of the club.

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