Football: Pefa of Amiens wins against the brave Auxerois

For the second day of the Jean-Leroy Challenge, the Poule d’Excellence de Football Amateur d’Amiens won 4–1 against Auxerre at the Moulonget Stadium.

the youth of PEFA D’Amiens started their season with a draw (2–2) blanc-mesnilThe draw was snatched in the last minutes of the game. they faced auxerre This Thursday, November 17 at Moulonget Stadium,

The start of the match is balanced, with neither team creating any real chances. We’ll have to wait until the 7th minute to see Auxerois stand out, Yanis Domes is in the center’s reception Quentin Weil But the frame is not getting. Minutes in, the visitors found their game in place and put more pressure on Amiens who were struggling to get on their game. In this overflowing image he faced attack from auxerre Quentin Weil who crosses back to his mate yannis hurtFrom the penalty spot, Joe fails to beat the goalkeeper (24′).

an opening batsman against the run of play

at the half hour mark, hugo dumblemont play long towards gauthier herbetIt is the last embedded in the surface, The referee does not hesitate and designates the penalty spot. Amiens No. 10 judges himself and completely replaces his penalty (1-0, 30′), Bruno Fagnoni’s men opened the scoring in their first foray into the opposition. , Hang on boys, we still dominated, our first real position we managed well “explains the manager of Amiens. Of the half normally mastered by the Burgundians, It is indeed Picard who scores ahead at the break (1-0, 45′),

football pefa amiens auxerre gazetted sports louis auvin 7
gauthier herbet Opened the scoring for Amiens from the penalty spot.

A Nice Pay Advantage at Halftime

On his return from the locker room, Amiens come back with very good intentions and hit entry. on the new long ball, thomas le roy Manages to control and play past two defenders before shooting Antonin Clot with a powerful shot (2-0, 50th), bruno fagnoni believes that ” The landscape of progress and match smiles upon us, we succeed by being realistic, Franck-Comtois trying to react like this center from the left, who passes in front of the goal tom roger Without any auxerois at the reception (56th). still on the left yannis hurt A center reception but his head is held by the Samaritan goalkeeper (63rd). The latter is still decisive with a new parade where he rests well on the Burgundian header (64th). , As the match progresses the boys respect the instructions, free themselves and we are rewarded“, they manage to get out of this unfavorable strong moment, Mathis Cassim-Isse flows to his right, he crosses in the direction of thomas le roy which fails to find the frame when it is fine. gauthier herbet triple the stakes (3-0, 75′), after Auxerre took the pace to the left, he adjusted Antonin Clot With a cross shot that ends up into the side netting.

a mastered second act

Amiens now have a comfortable three-goal lead, but that doesn’t stop tom roger to be alert and to cancel a good volley lenny chabin, came into play a few minutes ago. five minutes from time, Lucas Davladze Is unbalanced in the field and gets a penalty. He takes it upon himself to pull and cheat tom roger with the exact opposite (3-1, 85′), Amiens spoils the score after a high recovery of loris combresThen tom fournier And Mathis Cassim-Isse alliance, the latter ending the action with a lofted strike into the skylight (4-1, 87th), The score stays the same and Amiens get their victory first win In Challenge Jean Leroy facing auxeraries.

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Bruno Fagnoni can clench his fists, his youth assures him.

It is a matter of satisfaction for all the teachers, technical staff and players.

bruno fagnoni

bruno fagnoni was satisfied with determination boys, they’re at the rendezvous of this great contest, it’s confirmed over time, “win it” award for deserving boys“. he adds : ” We prepared this match well for two weeks, so everyone has been rewarded, “The Amiens coach appreciated the fact of being” managed better a few minutes after the goal, which we didn’t do very well at Blanc-Mesnil, we were too focused, , I want to dedicate this win to our technical staff and all of the people in the school district who work to ensure that our children are safe. in the best possible conditions for training“Thank you too” metropolis to put usyears of excellent conditions to get auxray and play this match, ,

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Young Amiens celebrated the victory as it should.

Day 2, Challenge Jean Leroy
Amiens – Auxerre: (4-1)
target : Herbet (30th, 75th), Thomas Leroy (50th), Cassim-Issée (87th) for Amiens, Dalwadze (85th) for Auxerre

Amines: Rogier – Debeur, Lebrun, Dumblemont, Longupy – Mouquet, Combres Herbet – Cassim-Issé, Roussel, Leroy.
Replacement: Daltrey, Bardet, Haruel, Dabonville, Boyenval, Fournier.

Auxerre: Thakka – Syedalja, Viel Dennis, Sifuria – Boucher, Davladze, Edouard – Domes, Hurt, Mazuel.
Replacement: Demair, Amaral, Oliveira dos Santos, N’Die, Tailor, Chabin, Capita.

caesar willot
Photo credit: Louis Auvin – Gazette Sports

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