Football: Red financially, Canet-en-Roussillon sanctioned sportingly by the DNCG

The National Directorate of Management Control withdrew three points from the first team of Canet-en-Roussillon playing in National 2 due to the club’s economic situation. Last year’s budget showed a deficit of around €300,000.

“catastrophic situation”, “hazard”, “Bend down and lift your head up”, “The club was in a coma, don’t say brain dead”, Those were the strong words used by Canet-en-Roussillon FC’s new president, Mario Becerra, and vice-president, Jackie Luce, in front of the club’s first team staff, teachers and players on Wednesday afternoon. The two came to the Saint-Michel stadium to present the sanctions imposed by the DNCG (Directorate of National Management Control), the financial policeman of the French Football Federation, following a hearing on Tuesday.

Both presented a loss of €290,000 for the last season (2021–2022) on a budget of €1.4 million. All this even though previous leaders had announced to the body last July that it would be €70,000. A situation that really did not please the DNCG, so it decided to take action through a refund of three points for the first team engaged in National 2, the supervision of the wage bill and the non-imposition of subsidies to the annual federal tax, which was approximately Should have been €35,000.

Cash consumption over €400,000

It could have been worse if the clearance had been heavy. Indeed, the scale could go up to 10 refund points (as the club suffered last year for false cases of Covid), or even administrative charges. Knowing too well that they escaped the worst, that the leaders decided not to appeal the verdict. However, the story is not over. Indeed, Canet finds himself in great financial difficulty.

To the deficit, it must be added that all the cash accumulated with good results in the Coupe de France, but less spending at the time of covid and the PGE granted to the club during this period, i.e. more than € 400,000 , according to the new leaders were spent Is. For Mario Becerra, who took office a month earlier but who was already on the steering committee, this situation is not the result of illegal actions, but of poor day-to-day management over time. And if he didn’t appoint him directly, he apparently took aim at Olivier de Sousa*, the resigned chairman, but still at the management committee, blaming him specifically for the lack of communication within the board of directors and not shared options. reprimanded for

a monthly checkup

before going back to work, to save, which will go away, as he already announced when he took office “complex decision”He demanded the resignation of all the members of the steering committee. and there will be a new election on 1er The following December, during the club’s general meeting. Again, it will be necessary to make a choice to save money, but also to find new partners in order to clean up the particularly delicate financial situation. “You have to take this as an opportunity, Mario Becerra warned. We have no choice but to start over on new bases, otherwise, it’s filing for bankruptcy. We must remember the values ​​at all levels of the club and we will need solidarity and commitment.” And professional lawyers to warn: “We have to make cuts to bring balance. It should be visible because every month we have to send our copy to the DNCG.” The body has put the club under strict surveillance. And has already scheduled a new meeting next June.

The DNCG has asked Canet to provide a monthly report explaining what is being done to correct the situation, and there is all the more urgency since a new hearing is set for the end of the season. There, if the situation is not cleared, Canet will expose himself to new sanctions, which may go as far as administrative exile in particular.

*Contacted, Olivier de Sousa did not respond to our requests.

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