Football: Remy Bonet and Clarisse Sabathier, a cup couple

It’s a unique phenomenon that goalkeeper Remy Bonnet and his teammate, defender Clarisse Sabathier, are about to experience. Both will play the 64th final of the Coupe de France with their respective clubs of Onet and Druel later this week.

The fact is rare and could have gone almost unnoticed. If the OCF reached the 8th round of the Coupe de France for the first time in its history, the women of Druel, for their part, also reversed their club’s history by reaching the 5th round (1st Fédération) of the same competition. female version. Thus Bonnet and his partner (N3) would face Grasse (N2) at 6 pm on Saturday, while Sabathier and his (R1) would challenge Montauban (D2) at 2:30 pm the following day.

Two challenges of choice against structures that develop a split above them. ,we are not many peopleThe goalkeeper in yellow and blue laughed when asked if the subject had been mentioned as the big meeting approached. was, minus the passion and humiliation, his partner, a defender of the side under the orange of which Remy’s father is the co-chairman.” I started football at the age of 6 in Rouperoux, because my father was a player, but I stopped after three or four years to do another sport. I took over about 6 years ago, I wanted to play again and Remy’s dad inspired me to come to Druel. So…“, says the original Reuperusine. A first pro of their respective half, the round ball hasn’t invaded the lives of the two lovebirds.

“Football at home, we hardly watch it”

,Football at home, we hardly watch it. On the other hand, we attend and discuss our matches. The Coupe de France is really another competition, we have to live it to the fullest. So yeah, we live this week a little differently, at least for me “, connects the teacher to the citizen.”It’s a normal week for me. It’s a form of reward in the sense that, when you’ve tasted the 7th round three times, you always want to go further and increase the adventure. Especially since Sète is up as much as it was in 2013, so is Fabrègues in 2020. It was infuriating. We are focused for all N3 meetings, during which the level of concentration should be maximum “, testifies the goalkeeper, decisive in the last round against Feurs (2-1). Before continuing: “I’m so happy for Clarisse and Druel, it’s a first. Live it both, same year, same weekend, it’s great. ,

And if March seems accessible to residents of the N3, it seems much more so for Drueloise, whose bus the supporters can board with the players will travel to Montauban. ,It will be difficult, but we will try to give ourselves the means for 90 minutes. I don’t want to let go The cup provides even more of this sense of harmony. This match is on the mind of all of us. There will be a small ball in the stomach on Sunday. we’ll need the fierceness and never let go“Lose the guard.”It should be a good strain. The challenge shouldn’t dominate the game “, replies the concierge as if to reassure his companion.

Appointments are made from Saturday at La Roque to begin the hottie couple’s hostilities before switching to another attraction on Sunday. ,Normally, I would travel to Montauban. and i hope i’m tired “, concluded the last Caston-Druello bulwark.

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