Football: Sébastien Haller will undergo surgery to “definitely eliminate” testicular cancer

Affected by testicular cancer diagnosed several months ago, Ivorian-born footballer Sébastien Haller announced on Wednesday, November 16, that he would undergo an operation in the coming days in order to “finish definitively” with his disease.

fighting for several months, team professional footballer Borussia Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany) announced in a post on Twitter that he will be operated soon testicular cancer.

“My fight is not over”

The footballer from Germany’s Dortmund city told in a post on Twitter that he had a operation to “end definitively” with her cancer.

As had been planned from the beginning, various possibilities were considered after the chemo. I tell you the fight is not over for me. I will have to have an operation to remove this tumor which is keeping me off the pitch.
Thanks to all of you????

— Sebastian Haller (@HallerSeb) November 16, 2022

He announced that in the next few days, the process should be brought to an end battle with his illness. “As had been planned from the outset, various possibilities were considered after the cameos”. Thus, processing based on a chemotherapy will develop into a surgical intervention on his tumour.

Despite the seriousness of his pathology, he reassures his fans and appears confident “I will have to undergo an operation to eliminate this tumor that keeps me off the pitch”.

To end it for good and resume matches: to prove to the club he joined in the middle of the year that he would indeed be able to develop there for a while. signed for Borussia Dortmund just before his diagnosisplayer 28 years old Didn’t have time to play it much.

international players

Sebastian Haller was rewarded for his career ajax (Amsterdam, Netherlands) from 13th place in the Golden Ball, created by Inam France Football Magazine To congratulate the best players of the year.

The 28-year-old footballer made his debut in professional football auxerre before playing for Utrecht in the Netherlands, Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany and West Ham United In England. after one pass noticed a lot In Amsterdam, he was selected to be part of the team Dortmund 6 July.

Sen’s fans have posted many support post And the player is expected to return soon on the lawn.

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