Football World Cup in Qatar – Predictions: Oud football gets wet

Oud’s amateur players (and a referee) give their favorites for the tournament, held in Qatar, which begins at 5pm on 20 November, with a Qatar-Ecuador opener ending with the final on 18 December. watch. But the whole question is to know with which final… Here football players – as good fortune tellers – make their predictions. Here are the hottest opinions!

France – Brazil

pierrec fito26, Captain and defensive midfielder foo narbonne (Regional 1). His favorites are France and Brazil. ,They are the two best teams in my opinion.” Who will he support? France. Will he see it in this World Cup? “Despite all the controversies surrounding the event in Qatar, I will follow it.”

This poster also indicates the same Thibault Valley32, CaptainOlympique Corbieres South Minervais (Regional 3). The one who played in the side at the beginning of the year and who is now a central defender, “square France is winning against Brazil. These are my favourites. If we can meet in the finals because we are his pets in the World Cup, that would be great! they are afraid of us (laughs) , Otherwise, I think France will be in the last four with Brazil, Belgium, Portugal and going forward in the competition will be a detail.

Thibault is the captain of Olympique Corbières Sud Minervais.

Thibault is the captain of Olympique Corbières Sud Minervais.
The Independent – Ch. B.

Who will he support? France. “I can’t wait to see the eleven that will start and given the options, we will definitely play in 4-3-3… just like in 2018! There are real surprises like the absence of Guendouzy, Vertout and Claus Which, for me, should have been his place. Lastly, I have uncertainty about our midfield with a certain lack of experience. So it remains to be seen if they stick around. That will be the key!

League referee for over 25 years, pascal picumel48 years old, put “A France-Brazil final, with a French victory. Looking at the table, if we overcome Portugal in the semi-finals, our team will go on to get the third star”.

Pascal Picmel.

Pascal Picmel.

Who will he support? “France in the first place, as a patriot! Then, the most playful team and the most respect of their opponents, of the referee’s decisions”.

Christophe WagnoPlayer of Saint-Papoul in Division 3, ranked: “The France-Brazil final will be a dream and will remind us of a lot of emotions.” Who will he support? “France. Having an inexperienced midfielder for the top level could add that touch of craziness that will see us lift the trophy for the third time.”

France – Argentina

Yan Oggad32 years, to the right of foo narbonne (Regional 1) and great supporter of Olympique de Marseille. His favorites are France and Argentina. “With a great Messi, Argentina can go all the way. This is the last chance for Lionel Messi to win this trophy with his country. In any case, France-Argentina will be a great final.” Who will he support? France. “I think Rabiot and M’Bappe will be decisive for the France team.” Will he see it in this World Cup? “I’ll try to watch all the matches, at least the ones I can.”

Brazil – Argentina

Romain Baumazza37, central defender FA Carcassonne (Regional 1). His favorites are Brazil and Argentina. “I really believe that the South Americans (those who haven’t won the competition for 20 years, South Korea in 2002 and Brazil in Japan, editor’s note) will do well. Thanks to their personalities, Neymar on the one hand, Messi on the other, but also because they have gritta, this desire that allows them to surpass themselves.” Who will he support? France. “But given all the absentees, injured (especially midfielders Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, editor’s note), it would be a big surprise. Besides, defending champions often don’t come after four years. Out of their To exit. We remember what happened in 2002 with this elimination in the group stage. Will he see it in this World Cup? “Yes, I really want to. I know all the controversies related to the geopolitical context, but I don’t see what I can do at my level, I’m just a simple supporter…”

Argentina – Germany

christophe sir47, GoalkeeperEsperanza In Divisional 2, with which he signed his final license, where he debuted as a child. His favorites are Argentina and Germany. “It really wouldn’t be bad to see Leo Messi lifting his last World Cup, having never won it. Then Germany vindictive for their previous edition (they were eliminated during the group stage in 2018, editor’s note), And he is often present in the final four. Who will he support? France, of course. “I am nostalgic for the France 98 team … and then I have always loved Roger Milla, the football enthusiast of Argentina and the indomitable lions (Cameroon, editor’s note) since the days of Uruguay, which is always a very small country. Edinson manages to appear on the international scene with combative values ​​like Cavani.”

Our Predictions for the Finals

Indep Sports Department

Guilhem Richaud: Brazil-Denmark (Brazil win)

Eric Sirach: Brazil-Portugal (Brazil win)

Nicholas Bussu: Croatia-England (Croatia win)

Bastian Rodrigues: France – Argentina (France win)

Hugo Bowe: Brazil – France (France win)

Arnaud Hingre: Brazil – Argentina (Argentina win)

Bruno Onteniente: France – Germany (France win)

Christel Mazoir: France – Brazil (France win)

Simon Andre (trainee): Brazil – Argentina (win for Argentina)

our football correspondent

Patrick Miessen: Brazil – France (Brazil win)

Henry Ferrier: Brazil – Argentina (Argentina win)

Christophe Chabot: Brazil – England (Brazil win)

Malik Niang: France – Brazil (France win)

André Cathala: France – Germany (France win on penalties)

Arnaud Macios: Brazil – Argentina (Argentina win)

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