Football World Cup: “It’s deviltime!”, when Belgium king wets jersey to promote Red Devils

Belgium certainly offers the most original venue for the Football World Cup, with a favorite guest being the King himself!

Here’s a little video that reminds me of another sovereign who has taken the stage several times recently… If Queen Elizabeth II found herself with James Bond and Paddington Bear, the King of Belgium found himself with the Red Devils. Let’s imagine him as the coach of the national football team, and he plays great sport, clearly pleased with this formal move with a real fake tattoo to boot!

The royal palace released a video announcing the “final adjustments”.

Leaked video for World Cup opening shows coach Roberto Martinez waiting in the golden rooms and accidentally discovering notebook of royal tactical notes! Here Philippe of Belgium is giving advice on his whistle on the edge of the pitch. And midfielder Kevin De Bruyne complies! “It’s diabolical!” The king is even said to have said “It is the time of the devils”. Thierry Henry on the sidelines can’t believe it either.

In a completely different register, Uruguay took us to all four corners of the country to unveil their national team in a great location. From a map of Uruguay, we visit the towns and villages of the 26 players’ origins, in turn discovering their names on shirts that appear in the gestures of the residents’ daily lives. A beautiful, rhythmic postcard that confirms the popular dimension of the sport.

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