For Lège-Cap-Ferret, “having fun is above all”

“But being in the Coupe de France is a big plus for our young team, which has been able to put together matches and gain a lot of experience since the start of the season.” As of two seasons ago against Avignon Bayonnes (1-0), Presquel will play in the eighth round of the club competition, hoping to equal his record that season during the 32nd final clash in Aubagne (2-2, 4). was doing. pen 2).

Stade Pescaise (D2, 3-5), UA Cognac (R1, 2-0), FC Oloron Béarn (D1, 0-5), US Chauvigny (N3, 1-1, 4 Tab 3) and AS Merpins (R2) After , 0-0, 3 Tab 5), March will be much more this time, with the pros training every day. “I used to say that in the cup, whatever the level of the teams, it is 50-50. But there, quite honestly, it would be presumptuous to think that we have a 50% chance of passing. I don’t know what the bookies have our rating, but it shouldn’t be too high,” likes to joke the coach who downplays the event.

“Have fun should be the key word. Enjoying the maximum will be essential, because when one is an amateur, one does not play the 64th final of the Coupe de France every season. The main idea is to fully experience the event and give maximum enjoyment to the many supporters who come to attend the game.

exploitation remains possible

Castelroussins didn’t have to overstate his talent to get the right to come and play in this round on the sides of the basin. They dismissed AS Chaugy-Onjen, a Regional 3 club from Loir-et-Cher (0–5), then J3 SP Amélie, a Regional 1 formation from Lorraine (1–5), FC Poitiers, a National 3 club. The US plays in the same group as the LCF (0-1) before being painfully overcome.

“It is still a very good national team, recognizes Philippe Ollier. Even if their results in the league are currently below their expectations, their team is built to play for promotion to Ligue 2 and They have a lot of quality players as well as very good individuals.The first objective will be not to smash during this match.

The basin technician watched their future opponent on video and concluded that it was “a playable team that handles the ball well, but who, at the moment, are struggling at the end. I only hope they play our game.” Front will not solve this problem. We also like to build the game. It is impossible to tell ourselves that we will camp back and send long balls. It is not in our DNA. So the match should be open, so that the public Don’t be angry

The Club of Presquiel which expects no less than 1500 people for this meeting and which has pulled out all the stops to make this day a very beautiful celebration. “I want that in the end, we remember that there are very good young players in Lage-Cap-Ferrat and the club conveys great values. It is in this sense that we are preparing for this day.” Hopefully the rain, which has been declared in abundance in the basin this weekend, doesn’t spoil the party.


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