Francophonie Games: three basketball courts will be delivered in February, work is accelerating

Two basketball courts are under construction at the Stade de Martyrs grounds. 150 to 200 laborers work day and night to expedite the work of these twin dens.

“Our target is to finish before the end of February. The ground should be delivered three months before the start of the Games,” engineer Obed Babès, one of the supervisors of the site managed by the Compagnie Générale de Construction (CGT), told ACTUALITE .CD explained.

He is confident of the deadline: “We have only the concreting of the sports field left. The bleachers are in metal construction. They will be delivered to Kinshasa no later than November 24, 2023. Reinforced concrete structures on which composite bleachers will be placed”.

Shaheed Stadium will now have three basketball courts. Two new and old who are in rehabilitation.

“Two twin lots will be delivered at the same time. There is also the old stadium which is being renovated. At the same time, the number of seats will be increased. There will also be a metal construction roof. This is also ordered”.

For his part, Isidore Kwandza Ngembo, director of the National Committee of these 9th Francophonie Games (CNJF), is also optimistic:

“We are moving slowly and surely. As of today, we have 30 countries that have already confirmed their participation, out of 42 countries that have expressed their intention to participate in the IX Games of La Francophonie. did.

Basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports can be played on both courts.

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