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Four days before the start of the World Cup, Noel Le Graat talks about the future of France team chief Didier Deschamps and the Zinedine Zidane rumour. The FFF president also spoke about his relationship with striker Kylian Mbappe.

France squad: Deschamps, Zidane, Mbappe

Deschamps and Le Grat are very close

Will the 2022 World Cup be Didier Deschamps’ last competition as head of the France team? In an interview with RMC, French Football Federation President Noel Le Graat spoke about the future of his coach, whose contract runs until next December.

Deschamps can control his future

I said if he reached the semi-finals then it was his decision. If he doesn’t reach that, we discuss , recalled the FFF boss. Could he even keep Deschamps in the event of an elimination before the last four? You never know, who are the candidates, their wishes, my… I will never be with them. We have relationships that are healthy enough to discuss in the event of a break-up. In this case, things obviously won’t be the same. he replied, specifying that there could also be wear by coach or don’t want to stay if he wins ,

It’s no secret that Le Grat has a crush on Deschamps. However, he claims that DD’s future will be determined not by this affection, but by the face proposed by the Blues in Qatar. Whether I like Deschamps or not is of no interest to France or you. I think it is the behavior of the team at some point which they may have chosen. Either in the semi-finals, finals, quarter-finals where you get eliminated on penalties. Quite frankly, the story is complicated to write first, it’s easy to write later.

Zidane after Deschamps? we will see ,

In the event of Deschamps’ departure after the World Cup, Zinedine Zidane is expected to take over the reins of selection for the Tricolour. However, the president of the FFF assured that he did not discuss the matter with the former n10 of the Blues. I saw him at the Ballon d’Or but not to talk about the France team. That is not to be done. We are in a profession where everything is known and hence you are not going to see someone you really like who is on the spot. he explained.

But is Zidane considered an option in case of a coach change? we will see Le Graat replied. I don’t know whether Zidane will like it or not. This is still someone whose track record is very high. As long as someone is there, we cannot talk about him. Did he turn down PSG for the Blues? I don’t know. You asked me to come, I answer honestly. I don’t even know if he was contacted or not.

His relationship with Mbappe

Finally, Le Graat mentioned another important personality in French football: Kylian Mbappe (23). There was some friction between the two men after last Euros, when the NLG speculated that the PSG striker was not only a victim of racism after his missed penalty against Switzerland, but also recently in the image rights file of players from the France team. . Today, the boss of 3F makes sure it’s all forgotten.

I hear many things everywhere. Yesterday, when I arrived first, who jumped on my neck and kissed me? This is MBAP. There were never any problems, only difficulties with contracts … he explained. Life is too short to worry about difficult relationships or complicated relationships. No more business on that. Embapp is a smiling man, a leader of the youth. And in Qatar a player on whom France will rely heavily.

Do you think Deschamps will have to leave his place after the World Cup even in case of a good result? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the field Add a comment ,

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