IOC to hold an Olympic week of games in Singapore

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) continues its long phase of electronic sports exploration. After addressing the topic at several summits, organized working groups or even a dedicated forum, competitions affiliated with various editions of the Olympic Games with its partner Intel or several “virtual sports” (games video and Established “Olympic Virtual Series”. Sports simulations, mainly physical eg Swift For example) on the sidelines of Tokyo 2020, the organization formalized the first “Olympic Week of Esports” this Wednesday in Singapore next summer.

, This announcement is a new step in supporting the growth of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement and commitment to competitive sportspeople “, can we read in a press release from the IOC. From 22 to 25 June and like the Olympic Virtual Series, Singapore will host virtual competitions in cycling, baseball, sailing, motor sports and others, organized in collaboration with various international federations , But should also make room for some sports and esports for a range of performances.

According to the organization, the International Olympic Committee’s “virtual sports” tournaments prior to the Tokyo Olympics attracted more than 250,000 participants. But the meeting was not a media success, with the final being little watched, on games that are not part of the main disciplines of esport (contrary to League of Legends, counter attack, rocket league, Over the years the IOC doesn’t really know how it wants to address issues related to e-sports and tries different approaches.

In addition to competitions and demonstrations, round tables and exchanges will be held on these topics in Singapore. More details will be given in early 2023. A year when esports will officially become a medal-winning sport at the Asian Games.

Thomas Bach, IOC President “The first Olympic Sports Week is testament to our ambition to support the growth of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement. We believe our new competition format, with physical finals, is an opportunity to strengthen our association with esports and create new opportunities for players and fans alike. ,

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