MLB: $2 million offered to fan who catches Judge’s 62nd homer

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The owner of a sports collectibles company says he offered $2 million to the fan who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd homer of the season.

JP Cohen, president of Memory Lane Inc. told AThe Associated Press That he texted and emailed to Corey Youmans, who caught the prized ball Tuesday at Globe Life Field in Arlington. Cohen clarified that Youmans has not yet responded to his messages.

Cohen said, “I think the offer is more than fair, if he’s willing to sell it.”

Youmans, who was in the front row at Section 31, caught the souvenir when the ball went into left field.

The long ball allowed the New Yankees outfielder to eclipse the American League record of 61 homers held by Roger Maris since 1961. This is considered by many to be a Major League Baseball record, as the only National League player to hit more has been plagued by steroid-related scandals.

Youmans, who is originally from Dallas, works in finance. On Tuesday, he was asked what he was planning to do with his prized catch when the security personnel brought the ball for authentication.

“Good question. I haven’t thought about it yet,” he replied.

The highest selling price for a home run is $3M. The ball sold for that price was Mark McGwire’s 70th home run since the 1998 season.

Cohen had previously promised $2 million for Judge’s 62nd home run. He said that his company had a good relationship with the Yankees and would be willing to loan the ball to the team for performances. He said the team often displays related items down memory lane at Yankee Stadium.

Cohen acknowledged, “We made an offer of $2 million and that offer still stands.”

After the Yankees lost 3–2, Judge ruled that he was out of possession for his 62nd home run.

“I don’t know where he is,” he said. We’ll see what happens. It would be great to have it back, but it’s a fan memorabilia. He took a good catch and he has the right to do what he wants. ,

Youmans had one of the largest crowds of 38,832 to attend a baseball game at the three-year-old stadium.

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