MLB: Charles LeBlanc feels welcome at Miami Marlins

Reaching the age of 26 in Major League Baseball was a great testament to the persistence of cub pitcher Charles LeBlanc.

was passing by the latter’s studio anteroom, Tuesday, to see his first steps in MLB, which played his first game on July 30. The third baseman remembers too well how he felt at that moment.

“The only thing I remember is the heart I felt in my throat, my legs were soft,” he said.

However, the nervousness was quickly dispelled by LeBlanc, who hit a single in his first game. The next day, he continued with his first career home run. Whoever came through the minors with a .302 batting average during the 2022 season quickly helped him stay in the lineup.

LeBlanc doesn’t hide the fact that his age and his stats have certainly helped him integrate more quickly into his new environment. His teammates quickly made him feel part of the group.

“Of course it was easier, because I was not the youngest. Most of the team members are around 30. I was not a young kid coming into the team at 19 and the fact that I was a bit older meant Was that I feel a little more respected in the locker room. »

“With my stats, it definitely helped when I came in. The jokes were coming along the way, like, ‘Okay, Babe Ruth is coming up to bat,'” LeBlanc shared.

He finished the season with 41 hits, including four homers, for a .263 batting average and 11 RBIs. However, the Quebecer is well aware that he will have to prove himself again at the next training camp.

“I was very lucky to get into a team with a lot of injuries and opportunities. Next year, it starts from scratch, because the injured will come back. I have to prove that I have a place, ”he analyzed.

LeBlanc is well aware that he is now somewhat of a role model for young baseball players in Quebec, like Abraham Toro and Otto López. Everyone has an inspiring journey and LeBlanc can make sure that even if the doors don’t open as quickly, that doesn’t mean MLB goes out of reach.

“If we can promote baseball as much as possible to the youth of Quebec or just show that I came into the league at 26, I think I’m proof that if you keep playing, your Will have an opportunity. I hope I can inspire some of them.

LeBlanc will head to the Dominican Republic at the end of the week to begin his preparations for the next campaign.

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