MLS Football: Launches February 1, 2023 for Apple’s streaming service ($14.99 per month)

Soccer fans of MLS, the American soccer league, are in heaven: starting February 1st, they will be able to subscribe to the MLS Season Pass for $14.99 per month or $99 for the entire season. Apple TV+ subscribers will get a discount: $12.99 per month or $79 per season. Prizes in euros have not been announced, they should be in the same waters knowing that the competition will be broadcast in 100 countries.

The 2023 regular season begins on February 25 with Los Angeles FC vs. LA Galaxy. On this occasion, during the first weekend, all matches will be visible for free in the Apple TV application. Note: Commentary for all games involving Canadian teams will be available in French. English and Spanish are also part of all meetings.

A selection of regular season and League Cup matches will be available at no additional cost to Apple TV+ subscribers. Everyone can see the others for free. You can already subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed.

Obviously, the players’ shirts will feature the Apple TV logo.

Apple and MLS, it’s a big adventure that starts since the constructor contracted the rights to the competition for ten years, which will cost him in passing 250 million dollars per season. It’s also an opportunity for Apple to boost its advertising offering since there will be advertising during matches.

Apple is preparing its ad network to broadcast MLS soccer matches

Apple is preparing its ad network to broadcast MLS soccer matches

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