Niort, a good memory for Bergerac

Since then, the workforce has grown significantly. Three Bergerkois are still at the club: goalkeeper Pierre Laborde-Turon, the holder at the time and who has just returned, defender Sam Ducros, replacing three years ago and this time injured, and Damien Fachan. The defensive midfielder was already captain a few months after his arrival at Dordogne.

“We had a complicated season. The Coupe de France was a breath of fresh air and it set things in motion for the future,” he recalls. Niort is in trouble in the league this season. It only makes the match more difficult Judge Damian Fachan said: “We can imagine that this cut will have the same effect on him as it has on us.”

“Don’t be mistaken. People see us playing poorly ranked Ligue 2 while we beat L1 last year. But Niort is a safe bet for L2, they are favourites,” continues the captain. Its president, Christophe Fouvel confirmed: “Between our visit last year and the 2018-2019 match, there will be no surprise impact. ,

Defender Ibrahima Conte was already present at Niort. Center forward Andy Donna Ndoh, captain and top scorer in the club’s history, is now assistant coach. He was on the Niort bench at the time, as was Bergerac concierge Enzo Pochet. “We were victims of the Coup de France spirit. We were taken out by the small, it was a big frustration,” he slipped.

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