Perpignan also hosts its own “World Cup” of football in the neighborhood.

Nine teams played in the first round this Wednesday, 16 November.
Nine teams played in the first round this Wednesday, 16 November. (© Facebook/Sébastien Maynard)

No need to go to Qatar perpignan also organizes ” world Cup “ of soccer. The municipality has launched its first edition “Perpifoot”, an event that brings together neighborhood around town round ball. This week, there were about sixty young players (12-15 years old) and about the same number of spectators to take part in the competition.

Perpignan: neighborhoods come together around a major football tournament

bass vernet, Field of Mars windmillVernet Salanke, St. Matthew either jersey, On Wednesday 16 November almost all the districts of Perpignan were represented. There is no rivalry other than the game itself, head-to-head in the stadium of the city of the Balearic Islands. nine teams First qualifying round stopped in A “Great atmosphere”Sébastien Maynard, sports assistant at the town hall of Perpignan, is satisfied.

framed by animator, The youth of Perpignan played several matches amidst music, coaching instruction and light chambering. bet? a Qualification for Grand finale, Which will take place in Maloles district, next Wednesday, in two weeks, after the second qualifying draw.

top three teams formation named as being the most along with the competition fair play, will win voucher 80, 50 and 30 Euros per player in the sporting goods store.

Patronage of new local sports facilities

From this event, the town hall of Perpignan is intended to “Revive the Neighborhood” their animation”, assures Sébastien Maynard to Actu Perpignan. “These young people are already playing with each other, But we wanted to create a real event”, continues the sports assistant. Above all, “Perpifoot” is an opportunity to promote tensport equipment of Proximity (ESP), Recently built or renovated in different districts of the city:

The goal is also to make these young people aware of the importance of these places dedicated to them. We pointed out that the city has made investments and that we are counting on them to make sure that these ESPs are preserved in good condition. It is also a process of raising awareness.

Sebastian MaynardDeputy for Sport at the Town Hall of Perpignan

In Perpignan, this sporting event is the first of a long series in the neighborhood. next year, and until olympics 2024 of paris, The city also wants to organize other football tournaments, rugby, or even a Olympic Week.

How to register with Perpifoot? The second qualifying round will be held Wednesday, November 23, before the final on Saturday 26 November. If you are making a team of at least 6 players, you can contact the sports department of Perpignan or your adolescence youth space,

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