Pogba brothers’ mother ‘broke his heart’ over love affair involving her children

Yeo Moriba, mother of international Paul Pogba, released an autobiography on Wednesday.

From raising her children alone to winning the World Cup, the mother of the Pogba brothers, Yeo Moriba, describes their journey in an autobiography, without eschewing the love affair between Paul and Mathias.break your heart“, she told AFP.

We had to persuade him. ,I was asked to add it, at first I didn’t want to, it was difficult, and then the book was already ready. But this episode happened… it’s so hard to talk aboutShe sighs. She finally agreed to add an epilogue”.and in the end we win(Faird), published on Wednesday, where she exposes these allegations, which led to the imprisonment of one of her twins, Matthias, on suspicion of extortion in an organized gang against the younger brother, Paul.

Cover of Yeo Moriba’s autobiography fayard

According to Yeo (52), the largest of these blackmail cases fell “A trap, manipulation in it, organized by people close to us. we felt cheatedShe sighs. ,they are big, big sharks“, operated by”extreme jealousy“, she lets go. But she specifically wanted to talk about something else in her biography, an idea that had been fostered by her sons (there is also Florentine, Matthias’ twin), and especially Football.

When I told him that I played football he said to me: How? But of course I played football.

yo moriba

Yo Moriba describes “A family united by the same adoration that of the round ball, for which we are so grateful“. In a scene in the book written with journalist Clemence de Blasi, she tricks her boys into showing that she plays perfectly with the ball.”When I told him that I played football he said to me: How? but of course i played football“, she laughs,I was the captain of my team, which was the first time girls played (in Guinea). It took him by surprise, it’s a great memory. i used to play with them oftenin Roissy-en-Brie, where he grew up.

Her story is like those of other women who came from Africa to France at the age of 19 to marry the children’s father, Antoine, an electronics teacher, at the time in his fifties. Pogba’s mother, who also adopted two of her nieces, wanted the book to be “Send a message: We women have to fight, don’t be discouraged because you don’t have a husband anymoreIn support. She divorced Matthias and Paul, Florentine’s father, who died in 2017. His story remains “Positive, we should not panic, we should be courageous. you can’t do anything if you lose heart“, she comments.

When she talks about odd jobs, Yo doesn’t stress out about the tough times either. cashier, cleaner,maid too“, she adds, “It was a weekend, near Pontalt-Combault, and there were no buses on weekends, or a very long wait, so I walked. I had to work to take care of my children, I had no other choice“, she said spreading her arms. Eventually she finds a place in an institution for disabled people, which she likes, but”I didn’t stay because I had to go see Paul from time to time, he had already left for Manchester (His club in United, England), I was asking permission. In the end I was forced to resign,

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caste issue

Yo ignores racism. ,we have to admit it, we felt a little bit of racism, for some jobs we saw that we preferred native french people instead of immigrants“, she summarizes. The children themselves did not go through this,i really don’t believe“, she recalls. The apotheosis remains the title of world champion in 2018, which she celebrates on the lawn, golden trophy in hand, a photo in the form of a headband on the book. “We didn’t feel the rain, we were so happy“, she says, a gleam in her eye. Keeping this great memory in mind, she wants to do justice to him.”two sonsYeo insists. ,the pogba clan will always be“, she concludes, determined.”It’ll always work out, it’s family, they’re foster brothers, they’ll always hold hands,

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