Politics, Football? yes, and it’s not from yesterday

A few days before the start of the World Cup, President Emmanuel Macron said, “We must not politicize sport.” In contrast, historian Fabien Archambault has interpreted the archives in Keys to contrast how football has become a vast political playground. As a bonus, flashbacks to three landmark matches.

On October 17, during the Golden Ball award ceremony, which annually rewards the best player in the world, Rai, former Brazilian star of PSG, makes an “L” (like Lula) with his fingers to underline, “Important Democratic Choice” That’s what awaits Brazil in the second round of the presidential election on October 30. A few minutes later, 2004 Ukrainian Golden Ball winner Andrei Shevchenko repeated with tears in his eyes, “Necessity”. Standing With Ukraine, Continuing to Help Ukraine‚ÄČ , As for the hero of the evening, Frenchman Karim Benzema, he clearly assures that his trophy is “The People’s Golden Ball”. Politics, Football? Yes, and it’s not from yesterday.

on the eve of the opening of the World Cup in Qatar (20 November-18 December), while calls for a boycott of the telecast of an event described as“misguided” On the ecological level – the stadiums will be closed and air-conditioned – and on the human rights level – how many workers died on the construction sites of the stadiums? It’s hard to ignore the tumultuous marriage of politics and football. A look at the close relationship spanning more than a century and a half… with historian Fabian Archambault, author of the fascinating … and sometimes troubled, whistle. History of the world in 11 games, which has just been published.

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