Preparing for EuroBasket: Blues of Netherlands easy winners

Blues worked. Opposing the Dutch in search of victory for a year and a half, the French team convinced Kinderena of Rouen this Sunday by winning a big win (89-65).

If the Olympic vice-champions took time to enter their meeting, especially in defense where the Oranje committed several rebounds early in the game, the locals relied on a dominant Gobert-Poirier doublet in the opposing racket. Authoring 10 and 8 points and 7 and 3 rebounds, respectively, in the first period, the two dudes contributed to the Blues returning to the locker room on top of the scoreboard with a six-point lead (45-39).

The Blues tightened the game after the break

In the second period, Vincent Collet’s players pushed back the ranks and found an address worthy of the name on three points. Ivan Fournier, three times, and Timothée Luvavu-Cabarot engaged the Banderillas, allowing them to count 20 lengths back at the start of their final quarter. The Blues then won with a comfortable margin (+24) at the end of the game.

Without Victor Vembanayama, Andrew Albisi and Mustafa Faul, but with Isa Cordinier and Elie Okobo, who have pointed the tip of their noses among others, the Blues begin their preparations for the Euros (1 September – 18 September) . They will meet Italy in Bologna next Friday for another friendly.

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