Prey ? Plaufraganis Gael Goubert – A New String in Plaufragoni’s Bow

He is one of those people who give their time for the Sanghs. Despite his stature as a rugby player, Gael Goubert is a thoughtful figure in Ploufragan. This king with a big heart was at the origin of the creation of Braz Pétanque in the commune, the American football player also played baseball with the Lycornes in Saint-Brieuc and in the Krakens team in Trémeloir.

34 bow hunter

To date, Ploufraganis has taken a different direction, as here he is president of the Association Les Lemes de Chasse d’Arvoir (LCA), that is, bow hunters. “I came into this world after baseball practice. A friend suggested I try my hand at archery, he saw I had good qualities. I kept making progress and so caught the virus to the point where I found myself a was ready to invest in the new consortium”, Gail assured. After one season, the Costa Rican archers and their management team have registered 29 members. “After 18 months of activity, we have a workforce of 34 bow hunters. This dazzling progress was possible thanks to the financial support of the hunters association of the Côtes-d’Armor and the Société Armory chasse pêche in Plerin.

“we feel useful”

The population looks favorably upon this association from the Plerinize which intervened to regulate wild boars in Saint-Brieuc. “We feel useful. At a mansion in Pleven, the owner, who didn’t want firearms, asked us to hunt six. The pigs ravaged the plantation, since then they haven’t returned. We hunt for nutria and wild Going to hunt a hare and take action for the regulation of pigs.

Among its projects, the club intends to create a school of archers and integrate more women.


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