PSG: Messi’s strong message about his life in Paris

Paris Saint-Germain striker Lionel Messi, under contract until June 2023, will soon have to decide on his future. And the Argentina international, happy in his life in France, sent a positive signal to the capital club.

PSG: Messi's strong message about his life

Lionel Messi is feeling great in Paris.

It is no secret that Paris Saint-Germain want to keep striker Lionel Messi. After a mixed first season in the colors of Paris, the Argentina international, under contract until June 2023, has returned to an excellent level since the start of the exercise.

The French champions have many arguments in their favor to retain the seven-time Ballon d’Or, despite competition from FC Barcelona and Inter Miami on the issue.

Messi professes his love for Paris

Financially, as we know, Messi’s claimants will be unable to compete with PSG, who are set to retain his current earnings, which are estimated to exceed €40 million per year. To entice him, the Spanish club and the American franchise intend to sell him a project with its family-friendly living environment. But for her part, the Rosario native feels better and better in Paris! i really like paris i explore the city and it’s fantastiche assured during an interview with CONMEBOL.

There was a big change in the first year. It was not my intention to leave Bara and everything happened suddenly. But after a long and difficult time, I am happy to be here. my family and i enjoy parisAccepted the Ballon d’Or seven times, which has found color at the sporting level thanks to this adaptation.

argentina happy now

Incidentally, Messi also agreed to reconsider his unexpected departure from Barça. Logically troubled, the Rosario native had difficulty making the change. It was hard, we lived in the same place our whole life, I’d never moved and I didn’t know what it was like to leave. We didn’t expect it, it happened very quickly and we had to leave Barcelona overnight.How is that.

We find ourselves in a new environment. We had our Barcelona life, our friends, our habits, and we found ourselves in a different place, with another language, another football, another climate, I suffered a lot because of it. it was difficult. But today I love everything, including football, Abolished Paris. An additional argument in favor of PSG, which is now waiting for the end of the 2022 World Cup to start serious discussions.

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