Saint-Thibault: six new 3×3 basketball courts with free access

Six 3x3 basketball courts were built in Saint-Thibault next to the street practice court.
Six 3×3 basketball courts were built in Saint-Thibault next to the street practice court. ©JG/LM

Six new fields basketball 3×3 in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes are delivered. This new equipment, with free access, will benefit all dribblers and local teams. “It is very interesting for us”, explains Michel Hadet, president of the Théobasket association, born in 2014.

With some 160 members, the local club is doing well, but these new pitches should continue expand the family of basketball fans :

3×3 matches are a format that everyone knows. When we have a basket above the garage, we often play three. This should open up the practice to more people. It’s also a bit more of a cardio exercise so it really appeals to young people.

Michel Hadet, president of the Théobasket association

“3×3 basketball is a format that everyone knows”

The club, which often trained in the hall, appreciates what it has now approved land. “We really have the most modern equipment there, validated by the Federation. Before, we limited the classical field, and then the high school is often taken,” explains Michel Hadet.

Thanks to these new foundations, the College Léonard De Vinci could create your own basketball section : “AS basketball”. “Without this structure, we wouldn’t be able to,” explains Cédric Massia, PE teacher. AS already has 35 members, which is proof of the attractiveness of the practice.

Sometimes we played basketball on the courts that existed, but it was often crowded so we had to ask people to leave, it wasn’t ideal. There, with six courts, everyone should have a place.

Cédric Massia, PE teacher at Leonardo Da Vinci College

Landing soon at Lagny-sur-Marne

Two athletes were present this Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at the inauguration. The President of the Department and great basketball fan Jean-François Parigi also came to sign a memorandum of understanding with the French Basketball Federation (FFBB). Eleven new 3×3 pitches including 4 in Lagny-sur-Marne will soon be created with the financial help of the Department, which also wants to provide support in deficit areas from 2023. Overall, the ambition is make 100 basketball courts in a suit.

Basketball 3×3, which became a Olympic discipline from the 2020 Games, so it should have a site of choice in Seine-et-Marne by 2024.

Develop sport in free access

Aside from basketball, the mayor of Saint-Thibault, Sinclair Vouriot, returned to ongoing projects. Under the name Active and sports city, the municipality aims toincrease the space for exercise on the street which is a hit and never empty.

Videos: currently on Act

City stadium, skate park, The mayor presented a “voluntary policy”, for which a project should be implemented every year. “We respond to associative tissue. From babies to the elderly, everyone can play sports in Saint-Thibault. We have 1900 registered members; that is 25 percent of the municipal population,” he emphasizes.

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