Smokey Eye Makeup Guide

smokey eye makeup look

Smokey eye makeup guide to help you make beautiful eyes.

Step 1: Choose the color of the eyeshadow

Traditional makeup colors for black or smokey brown eyes, you are not limited to these color choices, you can also choose less intense colors like purple, brown, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, navy blue, or purple.

When choosing eyeshadow, choose one that matches the color of your eyes, hair, and skin, and do not wear the color of your clothes.

For smokey eye make-up, you need two shades of eyeshadow, one darker and one complimentary lighter.

smokey eye makeup
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Which eyeshadow is best for Smokey blue eye makeup?

For blue eyes, purple, violet, or blue eyeshadow and black or gray eyeshadow will look great. Especially dark blue eye shadows that are darker than your eye color will complement your blue eyes.

Which eyeshadow is best for Smokey makeup for green or brown eyes?

Try dark khaki, dark green, brown, purple, or plum colors for green or tanned eyes and black or tanned.

What are the characteristics of the Smokey eye that gives the best brown eyeshadow?

For brown eyes, it will give a Smokey effect to copper, brown and brown, and black or brown.

After selecting a unique eyeshadow color, you must select the desired eyeshadow color. If you want to use eyeshadow instead of two or three coats of eyeshadow, choose a lighter color that matches your eyeshadow color. You can choose colors in soft colors like purple, bright peach, champagne, warm, brown, or sand. You can use white eyeshadow for a more contrasting look.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tip: Use eye powder. Do not use cream eyeshadow as it will be difficult to blend.

makeup for smokey eyes look
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Step 2: Select eyeliner

For the eyeshadow, choose a lightweight eyeliner with a complementary pattern or pattern.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tip: If possible, look for a powder eyeliner. Mixing is easy, and sometimes it has a spongy tip for easy mixing.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tip: Do not use liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is best for clean, fine, and fine lines.

Step 3: Apply a base coat

You tend to apply all of your foundations before applying eye makeup. It’s not like smokey eye makeup. If you apply light eyeshadow on your face, it is best to apply eyeshadow first so as not to damage your foundation. It also allows you to avoid raccoons. For the long-term application of eyeshadow, it is better to apply a thin layer of foundation on the eyelids, and then apply a thin layer of powder to make a foundation. This provides a clean shade for the eyeshadow, and can also prevent the eyeshadow from shrinking. It also allows you to apply eyeshadow more precisely.

smokey eye makeup look
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Step 4: Apply eyeliner

Use sharpening for the upper and lower lids. Usually use a black or charcoal eyeliner. However, you can also use a dark eyeliner that matches the color of the eyeshadow. Remember to choose your own lash line. (Cover under the lashes) Don’t forget to fill the space between the lids. Start with a thin line inside the eye. The line becomes thicker with a step towards the corner of the eye. If you have a hard line with thick eyeliner, you may want it to look softer and less stiff. The process is much easier with the help of a powder eyeliner with a built-in sponge tip.

Smokey Eye Tip: Dark colors are a trend that makes eyes look younger. Do not open the eyes from the inner corner and towards the outer corner of the eye, you can open them from the center of the lower lash line. If your eyes are not wide, use a wide-angle pencil.

smokey eye makeup tutorial
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Step 5: Apply eyeshadow

Using a large eyeshadow brush, apply an eyeshadow color that supports the eyelids under the lashes.

Now apply one colored eyeshadow and a small eye brush, apply the eyeliner with dark eyeshadow and fit it into the crease of the eyelid. When mixing the eyeshadow of an object, apply the intensity of the shadow to the eye line.

tutorial for smokey eye makeup
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Step 6: Apply mascara

Smokey Eye Makeup: Rotate your eyebrows and open your eyes before applying mascara.

Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara and apply a thin layer of mascara.

tutorial on smokey eye makeup
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Step 7: Complete the Smokey Eye Makeup Guide

Finish the base so that the eyes do not look cloudy.

If your lips are neutral, they will give your eyes a really smokey complexion. Use a colored lip liner and lipstick or lip gloss, pink, or caramel to keep your lips soft.

You can use an ordinary eyebrow pencil for navigation. You can use a good shade for smokey eyes.

Apply a pale pink or pale yellow color to the cheek apple. He wipes his face without a fight with shining eyes.

Enjoy your sexy smokey look with makeup!

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