Soccer (District 47). Full complacency in Casteljaloux D1

Promoted plays a low profile, not shying away from being established in the soft underbelly of the classification. “When I arrived, I set myself the goal of getting this team into D1. It was not done without difficulty on many levels, especially at the end of last season. But we all gritted our teeth and Tried to stay as calm as possible in every situation. We got the reward for our discipline, whereas in the past the club was left alone in this area. Today, we are happy in D1 and will do everything to stay where we are. “If Casteljaloux’s place in the departmental hierarchy responds to a certain logic, it is not self-evident as Philippe Giribaldi points out. “We are not as structured as many other clubs at our level. We can see it when we meet our opponents who have a more solid organization than us. But what they have managed to do, gives even more credit to them. »

“We manage existence”

On the effective side, there are no more than 23 elements in the club. In other words, there is no reserve team to worry all the players and create some simulation. “We try to put together a competitive team every weekend, even if it is not always easy. Our group is also not very small, but we are far from being ridiculous in a very homogeneous division. With the means we have , with him we exist, which is already an achievement in itself. »

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