The New Zealand national baseball team takes a page from their rugby team book

Currently competing for the Baseball World Cup qualifiers that will be contested prior to the 2023 major league baseball season. Qualification is not required for countries such as the United States or the Dominican Republic, but is required for New Zealand.

In addition, we try to use intimidation to destabilize the opponent.

The New Zealand national team was inspired by the famous rugby team and played a haka before the start of the match.

You know those pranks you do with the face of the monster that dropped the food? Well, that’s what the baseball team did.

But there is one key element to consider here. The New Zealand rugby team is the strongest in the world. When they confront you with foam at their mouth, it’s scary.

When the New Zealand second baseman tries to do that, you just feel like saying to him, ” pogne Your kite has reached second base, the game is about to begin. ,

If New Zealand ever qualify for the World Cup and say USA and Jacob deGrom, will they be on the pitch crying like losers too?

This can be funny.

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