Waze launches football-themed driving experience ahead of 2022 World Cup

It’s been almost a month since Waze launched its Halloween-themed browsing experience, which means it’s time for a new one. Unlike previous browsing experiences offered by Waze, the latest one focuses on a very popular sport and a rare event that happens once every four years.

Inspired by the styles of football commentators from around the world, Waze’s new browsing experience comes just before the start of the 2022 World Cup at the end of the month, The biggest event of the football community, this year’s World Cup is being hosted by Qatar and will start on 20 November.

Ever since Waze decided to offer users a new in-car experience every month, for the first time ever the company is giving drivers around the world an additional way to stay connected with the football action and represent their favorite team and country.

The voice navigation included in this in-car experience is all about football commentary. In fact, Waze tried to give the floor to Luva de Pedeiro, one of Brazil’s favorite fans and the most followed football commentator on social media.

This means users in Brazil will be able to “drive with Lueva de Pedreiro”, while the rest of the world can simply choose “drive with commentator”. Additionally, Waze drivers can choose to use either the Luva experience or the Commentator experience (in English, French and Spanish), regardless of where they live.

Owl !

Once activated, the new football-themed in-car experience will begin prompting you with prompts such as “Exit 1st. Then it’s glory” and “Hazard signals his arrival. Getting through that defense can be difficult.” I have to admit they’re all a lot of fun and the new in-car experience might just end up being my favorite of all time.

Additionally, you can change your car icon to look like an Automoball, a car equipped for football fans, and change the mood to one that represents your favorite country.

To start using it, tap My Waze in the Android app and select the ‘Drive with Commentator’ banner.

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