Youngsters of Nogent Football Club continue to write the history of their club

After a historic season for the seniors of Nogent Football Club in the Coupe de France, the young players are doing wonders this time in the Gambardella Cup. They play their regional final this Saturday. He has reached this level for the first time.

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The development of Nogent Football Club (FCN) never stops. The number of licensees has grown again in the post-Covid years, facilities are optimal with training stadiums and the Roger-Coudrec Stadium ready for matches. To this are added other projects such as setting up of a synthetic sector. In short, FCN is well equipped to aim for the national level, a goal that is in the minds of the club members.

Fortunately, last season and this season, the footballers of Nogent-sur-Seine were rather amused than disappointed. Last year, FCN Seniors broke a record in the Coupe de France by reaching the 7th round of the competition. This year it is the turn of the youth to break the record.

Youth playing in the U18 Regional 1 actually qualify for the 5th round of the Coupe Gambardella (the equivalent of the Coupe de France for youth). a level never reached by the club. “After the senior players, it is the turn of the U18s to show the whole club. It is a source of pride and now we are getting into the game. So the aim is to pass this round, even though it is complicated.”FCN President Ludovic Setojević said lightheartedly.

Welcome to AS Berwiller Saturday 19 November at 3pm.

And in order to achieve the new objective, namely to pass one more round in the Gambardella Cup to reach the federal level, Sena Pedro’s men were lucky in the draw. They will receive AS Berwiller which has developed into the U17 Regional 2. “Some may talk about a good draw but for me there is no good draw. The only good thing is that we get. This is the first time in this season that we have hosted a cup match.”Says U18 coach for three years.

A Coupe Gambardella match that had already been on the minds of players for some time. According to Captain Solomon Laubau, they talk about it a lot among themselves. “We don’t think about it during training, but outside of training we think about this cup a lot. Personally, I’ve been in my matches for a while now, can’t wait, He assures. It is a matter of pride to reach this era. This is a first for the club. It is thanks to the hard work, effort and life of the group that we will try to go as far as possible in Gambardella. ,

A good atmosphere in a group is vital to going far in team sports. With three training sessions per week, the young Nogentai is hardworking which allows Sena Pedro to work well during the sessions. “Beyond cup matches, it is extraordinary what my players do in partnerships. They are always present in training, they travel a lot… It makes you want to train them. »

The group is composed of newcomers, some who are doing their second season in FCN, but also old ones. Like Kalian Nogueira who has worn the colors of Nogent Football Club for ten years. “I’ve been here since I was young. We have a good shot at playing. We’ll hope to go as far as we can. After the seniors last year, it’s our turn to go as far as or more More.”he smiles.

In the event of qualifying for the next round, young Nogentais would have reached federal level, meaning they could potentially play against young people from Estac. It would be icing on the cake, but you shouldn’t sell the bear’s skin until you kill it. “I hope there will be people at the Roger-Couderc Stadium to support this great team that surprises us weekend after weekend”Ludovic Cetojevic, ends up a happy president.

FC Nogentais U18 vs AS Berwiller U17, Saturday 19 November at 3pm, Roger-Coudrec Stadium in Nogent.

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